50plus (magazine) - 50plus (Zeitschrift)

description German-Swiss magazine
Verlag TG Verlag GmbH, Zug (Switzerland)
First edition February 1, 2003
Frequency of publication bi-monthly
Sold edition 12,119 (previous year 10,080) copies
( WEMF circulation bulletin 2018 [1] )
Widespread edition 92,883 (previous year 98,173) copies
(WEMF circulation bulletin 2018)
Range 0.393 (Vj. 0.401) Mio. Reader
Editor-in-chief Philipp Dreyer [3]
editor Kurt Aeschbacher[4]
chief Executive Officer Benno Kästli [4]
Weblink www.plus.ch

50plus is a general - interest magazine that is aimed primarily at "active Swiss people between the ages of 50 and 65 in all of German-speaking Switzerland " [5] .


The magazine appears every two months in five partial editions (Basel, Berne, Eastern Switzerland, Central Switzerland, Zurich) in a WEMF - certified circulation of a total of 12,119 (previous year 10,080) sold or 92,883 (previous year 98,173) distributed Copies and, according to the company, has a reach of 392,692 (previous year 401,496) readers (2017). Each issue deals with a key topic; Fixed categories are travel, health, finance, cars, watches, art and culture as well as tips for going out. [5] The magazine also organizes language holidays and reader trips. [6] It is published every two months by TG Verlag, Zug. The publishing house was founded by Thomas Grütter.


50plus was first published on February 1, 2003 in north-western Switzerland under the slogan “The positive general-interest magazine for quality-conscious, active people”.

In autumn 2012 Kurt Aeschbacher bought the magazine together with Hans-Jürg “Schoscho” Rufener. [7] Aeschbacher has been the publisher since 2014.

In 2015 David Schnapp (cars and restaurants) and Timm Delfs (watches) joined the freelance team. [8th]

In the field of health counseling and prevention, the magazine has a collaboration with the SRF-1 telecast Health today agreed by Jeanne Prince. [9]

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