5105 Story of an escape from Mauthausen - 5105 Historia de una fuga de Mauthausen

5105 Story of a Mauthausen Escape is a documentary film directed by Diego González and released in 2017. It deals with three Spanish prisoners who devised an escape plan to escape the Mauthausen concentration camp , something that had not happened yet at that time. [ 1 ]


Agustín Santos was one of the seven thousand Spanish prisoners who passed through Mauthausen. It was January 1941 and both the aforementioned concentration camp and the Gusen camp had just been promoted to Category III, synonymous with greater disciplinary harshness with its prisoners. [ 2 ]

Faced with a horizon of no return and death as a way out, Agustín, deported 5105, devised a plan together with two colleagues with the aim of fleeing from that place. Its purpose was to tell the world about the horrors and sufferings that were experienced in these facilities, from which no prisoner had yet managed to get out alive. [ 3 ]

His exodus lasted thirty days, during which he traveled 350 kilometers on foot, until the Nazi authorities intercepted Agustín and his two associates just thirty kilometers from the border with Switzerland. He was then sent to Gusen and forced to do hard and hard labor. His journey with his two companions came to an end and each of them would have different fates. [ 4 ] Finally, he was freed in 1945 by the American troops and lived his marriage abroad until the Franco dictatorship ended . [ 5 ]


The film was released on July 23, 2017, on the occasion of the 23rd Iberian Film Festival. It was exhibited for the first time that day at the López de Ayala Theater in Badajoz. [ 6 ]

During January 2019, the work was exhibited in multiple locations in Extremadura , such as Mérida, Badajoz, Jaraíz de la Vera or Herrera del Duque. Director and screenwriter Diego González and part of the production team came to some of these events. The documentary became popular in this Community, since around 300 Extremadurans passed through Mauthausen and Agustín was originally from the town of El Gordo from Cáceres . [ July ] [ 8 ] Of those 300, only half they got out alive from the concentration camp, including Augustine, who was once lost track entry democracy in Spain. [ 5 ]


The production of the documentary was complicated due to the shortage of material. Rebeca Aparicio and Julio Carranza, producers of the short film, mix testimonies from historians and psychologists with animations to set the scene for the escape. In addition, they use real images of Mauthausen from that time and recover moving files on loan from the Steven Spielberg Foundation . [ 5 ] [ 9 ]

Dosde Extremadura Media SL, and Synopsis 103 Factory of Communication SL. they were the audiovisual production companies that financed the project. [ 10 ] It should be noted that the short is narrated in the first person thanks to Agustín's testimony telling the story, it was collected in the book The Commander's Pigs . [ 6 ]

The project arises after Diego González found an interview in which there was talk of a leak in Mauthausen left by a Spanish survivor. As a result, both he and Rebeca, the producer of the documentary, got down to work and found a book of stories of concentration camp survivors. Among them was Augustine. [ 9 ] On the material loaned by the Spielberg foundation, it was bought by the American filmmaker after his film Schindler's List . [ 9 ]


  • Winner of the award for best short film in the first edition of Fescimed in 2017. [ 11 ]
  • Winner of the "La Fila" festival in Valladolid in 2018. In that edition, the documentary directed by Diego González won out over 81 other short films from around the world in the categories of documentary, animation and fiction. [ 8 ]
  • Nominated for best documentary short at the Fleeting Spanish Short Film Awards . [ 8 ]


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