525th anniversary of the Discovery of America - 525º aniversario del Descubrimiento de América

The celebrations for the 525th Anniversary of the Discovery of America were a set of performances, designed to commemorate both the arrival of the Spanish in 1492 to the American continent, and the importance of this fact in world history. To this end, in 2017, the Huelva Provincial Council organized a Commemoration Commission, [ 1 ] in order to prepare, schedule, organize, coordinate and execute the activities for the celebration of said event, which decided naming the event the 525th anniversary of the encounter between two worlds .

The planned celebrations consisted of cultural, sports, academic, tourist, institutional and public awareness activities.

In the Columbian Places , the local celebrations were called the 525th Anniversary of the Discovery of America , and saw a multitude of commemorative acts, commemorating the key participation of Palos de la Frontera , its monastery of La Rábida and Moguer in the discovery journey .

In Spain

Organizing committee

The organizing committee was made up of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports , the Andalusian Government , the Huelva Provincial Council, the Moguer City Council, the Palos de la Frontera City Council, the Huelva City Council, the San Juan del Puerto , the University of Huelva (UHU), the International University of Andalusia (UNIA), and the National University of Distance Education (UNED). [ 2 ]The ministerial provision that called the event "525 Anniversary of the Discovery of America in Palos de la Frontera (Huelva)" qualified it as an "event of exceptional public interest."

In his presentation dossier, the sense of the initiative was highlighted with the following argumentation:

«Few events have had greater significance for the History of Humanity than the arrival of Columbus in America in 1492. The encounter between two worlds separated by a vast and mythical ocean, marked the future of the world and the entry into the Modern Era, composing empires and power relations, modifying economic patterns and promoting social transformations whose traces make up the world we know. Beginning in 1492, humanity began to have a complete idea of ​​what the planet it inhabited was like.

About 525 years after the anniversary, the province of Huelva, with the Columbian Places at the head, reaffirms its American vocation and its desire to be a cultural, economic, academic and institutional gateway to the Ibero-American countries, with which has shared a common history for centuries.

The objective and symbolic elements of this identity, originally based on a shared history and language, have evolved towards a deeper understanding of the reality of Ibero-American countries, establishing a relationship of equality, respect, admiration and mutual interest that, without ignoring the past, clearly points to the future we want to share. "


The initiative "525th anniversary of the encounter between two worlds" expressed the commitment of the institutions promoting the event to unite, under a common brand and objectives, the plan of activities contemplated to commemorate the anniversary. Among its objectives were:

  • Reaffirm the American vocation as a sign of specific identity of the province of Huelva.
  • Create the foundations that allow the development of this link over time, so that it is perceived and assumed by Huelva society as a value for the future.
  • Fix the America brand to our territory, and especially to the Colombian Places linked to the Encounter.
  • Identify our territory as an American showcase in 2017, through the activity platforms designed by the participating institutions.
  • Promote the historical places and from them the province of Huelva in its tourist, economic and cultural aspects.

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  • 525 Anniversary Dossier . Dossier with explanatory of the commemorations.

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