526. Reserve-Division (Wehrmacht) - 526. Reserve-Division (Wehrmacht)

The 526th Reserve Division was a German infantry division of the reserve army in World War II .


The division was set up in Aachen in September 1944 from parts of division No. 176 and 526th Infantry Division and placed under the 1st Parachute Army . There are differences in the designation. Division No. 526 is listed in the Schematic War Structure and only the 526th Reserve Division appears in the field post overview. [1] However, due to the difficult situation at the front, the deployment process was canceled in October and the existing divisions were divided among other infantry divisions directly on the front to refresh them. The units came to the front divisions 12th , 89th , 246th .and 347.

The divisional staff came to Army Group G in December and fought as a combat unit in the Rhine Palatinate until the end of the war.

The commanders were Lieutenant General Kurt Schmidt and, after the death of Kurt Schmidt, from the beginning of March 1945 until the end of the war, Lieutenant General Hans Bergen , who was Schmidt's representative as commander from December 1944.


  • Reserve Grenadier Regiment 253 ( Aachen , with three battalions)
  • Reserve Grenadier-Regiment 416 ( Osnabrück , with three battalions from Division No. 176)
  • Reserve Grenadier Regiment 536 ( Düsseldorf , with four battalions)
  • Reserve Artillery Department I./76 ( Wuppertal )
  • Reserve Pionier-Bataillon 253 (Westhoven)
  • Reserve News Company 526
  • Divisional Supply Regiment 526


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Individual evidence

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