545. Grenadier-Division - 545. Grenadier-Division

The 545th Grenadier Division was a German infantry division in World War II , renamed the 545th Volksgrenadier Division on October 9, 1944 .


The 545th Grenadier Division was set up on July 10, 1944; the first commander was Major General Otto Obenaus. The renamed 545th Volksgrenadier Division was destroyed by the Red Army in January 1945 during the Vistula-Oder operation in the Baranow bridgehead on the Vistula River in the Generalgouvernement of Poland .

In March 1945, the 545th People's Grenadier Division was in Silesia again set up and during the April 16 breakaway Cottbus Potsdam operation north of Muskau by the attack of the Soviet 13th Army again smashed, their remains came in Guben in Soviet captivity .


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