552nd U.S. Army Artillery Group - 552nd U.S. Army Artillery Group

The 552nd US Army Artillery Group was an association of the United States Armed Forces . It was posted as a battalion in Fort Bragg , North Carolina in August 1943 . [1]

The 552nd US Army Artillery Group was activated in Fort Sill , Oklahoma, in October 1959. [1] In March 1960, the deployment took place in Lüdenscheid . After the SASCOM was set up in April 1960, the 552nd was responsible for the operation of special ammunition depots in West Germany and the Netherlands. [1] She later came under the 59th Ordnance Brigade .

The association was relocated to the Mühlenberg barracks in Sögel in August 1963 to operate the Lahn special ammunition depot .

The US Army Artillery Group was subordinate to the following US Army Field Artillery Detachments , USAFAD for short , in the early 1980s: [2]

US unit Partner place barracks Weapons store
1st USAFAD I. Corps , RakArtBtl 150 Wesel , D Schill barracks Special ammunition depot Wesel-Diersfordt
5th USAFAD 11th Panzer Grenadier Division Dünsen Dünsen special ammunition depot
8th USAFAD 129e Afvda[3] Havelte , NL Havelterberg special ammunition depot
13th USAFAD 6th Panzer Grenadier Division Kellinghusen, D Liliencron Barracks Kellinghusen special ammunition depot
23rd USAFAD 19e Afvda [4] 't Harde , NL Tonnet Barracks Sondermunitionslager Doornspijk
25th USAFAD 3rd Armored Division Barme , D Lower Saxony barracks Special ammunition store service shop
32nd USAFAD 1st Armored Division Nienburg, D Clausewitz barracks Special ammunition storage facility in Liebenau
81st USAFAD 7th Armored Division Dülmen , D. Barbara barracks in Dülmen Dülmen-Visbeck special ammunition depot

The association was deactivated after the end of the Cold War in June 1992. [1]

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