SBB C 4/5 2601–2619 - SBB C 4/5 2601–2619

SBB C 4/5
SBB C 4 5 2604.jpg
Numbering: 2601–2619
Number: 19
Manufacturer: SLM Winterthur
Year of construction (s): 1907–1912
Ausmusterung: 1930–1933 Conversion to E 4/4
2611: scrapped in 1926
2612: scrapped in 1931
Axis formula : 1’D
Gauge : 1435 mm (Normalspur)
Fixed wheelbase: 3050 mm
Total wheelbase: 7400 mm
Learning Mass: 60,4 t
Service mass: 67,45
Top speed: 65 km / h
Starting tractive effort: 100 kN
Driving wheel diameter: 1330 mm
Number of cylinders: 2
Cylinder diameter: 570 mm
Piston stroke: 640 mm
Boiler overpressure: 2601–2615: 12 bar
2616–2619: 13 bar
Grate area: 2,44 m²
Superheater area : 37,6 m²
Evaporation heating surface: 143,7 m²
Service weight of the tender: 39 t
Water supply: 18 m³
Fuel supply: 5 t
Particularities: Special designs:

The series C 4/5 2601–2619 were steam locomotives of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) that were procured for use in front of freight trains . Most of the locomotives were later converted to E 4/4 shunting locomotives .


After the nationalization of the private railways around the turn of the century, there were many obsolete locomotives in the SBB's inventory, which is why more powerful machines were quickly required. A first series C 4/5 with the numbers 2701 to 2732 was procured from 1904 to 1906 and designed as a four-cylinder compound machine. [1]

The concept of 32 locomotives seemed to prove its worth, which is why a further 19 locomotives were procured between 1907 and 1912, but these were designed as superheated steam twin machines [1] with smoke tube superheaters of the Schmidt type . [2] The locomotives with the numbers 2611 and 2612 were as special construction with direct current cylinder of the type stump equipped. It did not prove itself, so that these locomotives were retired in 1926 and 1931. [3]

The last four machines in the series have been reinforced for use on the Gotthard Railway . The boiler was larger and had a pressure of 13 instead of 12 bar. The adhesion weight increased to 60 t. The 2618 also received a Knorr - feedwater . [3]

Because of the electrification in the 1930s, the mainline locomotives were no longer needed and were converted to type E 4/4 shunting locomotives from 1930 to 1933, whereby the leading axle was dismantled and the tender was dispensed with. [1] All machines were rebuilt except for those with a stump DC cylinder. [3]


The first 15 locomotives reached the Brugg depot in the former SBB District III and were mainly used on the Bözberg line. The remaining locomotives were used on the Gotthard Railway . [3]


execution Nummer image
Standard version, first part series 2602 SBB C 4 5 2602 (first part series) .jpg
Version with stump direct current cylinder, first part series 2612 SBB C 4 5 2612 (stump direct current cylinder) .jpg
Second part series, additionally with Knorr feed water preheater 2618 2618C45SBBCFFFFSi.jpg
SLM data sheet


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