5 of cups - 5 de copas

5 of cups
Phlegm Study Album
Publication 2002
Genders) Punk rock
Rock alternative
Duration 52:03
Record label Heaven
Phlegm chronology
Caretophobia II 5 of cups 25 years

5 de Copas is the seventh studio album by the Argentine punk band Flema , and the last with Ricky Espinosa , released in 2002. The five of glasses in the tarot, can suggest not only a disappointment about oneself, but also often represents a strong disappointment in someone or other people. [ 1 ]


Last musical production with the participation of Ricky Espinosa , singer and leader of the band, until 2002, better known as "Ricky the Kill" who died on May 30, 2002 , in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Avellaneda . [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

Unlike other albums of the band, the production of 5 cups has a more melodic sound, although it maintains the aggressive and Anarcopunk style that characterized the band.

The song "LAMINA" is the anagram of ANIMAL , an Argentinian heavy metal and nu metal band , while "Fan people" is a reference to the group Fun People , and also bears a lot of resemblance to the song "The Beautiful People" by the singer Marilyn Manson .


All the songs were composed by Flema.

  1. "Everyone lies"
  2. "Only with everyone"
  3. "Toman no dan nada"
  4. "Time to love"
  5. "Born to drink beer"
  6. "The end"
  7. "Sexo, drogas y punk rock"
  8. "Te extraño"
  9. "I knew"
  10. "Boots never again"
  11. "Anti-Politics"
  12. "The neuron"
  13. "L.A.M.I.N.A."
  14. "I'm going to kill myself"
  15. "Larva"
  16. "S.A.D.V"
  17. "Fan pipol"
  18. "I will not change"
  19. "Punk Rock Bariloche"
  20. "No te espantes"
  21. "I'm going to break again"
  22. "Just walking"


  • Ricky Espinosa - Lead Voice.
  • Luichi Gribaldo - Rhythmic guitar.
  • Maximiliano Martin - Lead guitar.
  • Fernando Rossi - Bass.
  • Diego Piazza - Drums.


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