5 Elements - 5 Elementos

5 elements.
Five elements.
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Format Web comic and printed comic.
Language español
First edition As September 24 as 2008 - Present
Editorial Loft Studio
Periodicity Monthly.
Gender Shounen, action, adventure
Artistic direction
Creator (s) Jesús García Ferrer "Jesulink"
Screenwriter (s) Jesús García Ferrer "Jesulink"
Draftsman (s) Jesús García Ferrer "Jesulink"
Colorist (s) Jesús García Ferrer and "aka_kitsune"
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5 elements is a webcomic that was born on the Internet on September 24, 2008 at the hands of Jesús García Ferrer (Better known by the name "Jesulink" [ 1 ] ), author of Raruto , the famous parody of Naruto . This work, originally published as a webcomicand later printed on paper, it is about a world in which people are able to control the elements. In it, a young man named Kaji Llamaviva lives a series of adventures trying to show that the 5 elements, (the best warriors in the kingdom who one day betrayed their homeland and assassinated the king) were heroes. This comic has received the award for the best Manga by Spanish author awarded by Expomanga de Madrid in 2010 and 2011, the award for Best Manga by Spanish Author at the XVI Salón del Manga in Barcelona , and its author has received the award for best Spanish manga author for this work in the 2010 and 2011 editions of Expomanga de Madrid. [ 2 ] The last chapter was published in September 2017

Elemental universe

The manga is based on a universe inhabited by elementals, beings capable of handling an element of nature, which can be one of the 4 main elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fire) or its derivatives (Magma, ice, plant, lightning , shadow ...) reaching elements as absurd as the mucus or egg element (you can create eggs with or without shell and use them in a fight). On the so-called "Zero Day", the best warriors of the kingdom, the 5 elements, were sold in exchange for a coveted treasure, assassinated the king and disappeared forever. From that day on, the new king used the army to create a strong nation and control his own people.

On the extended pages of Volume 2 of 5 items (chapter 13, page 121), Lluvia and Sôkar unfold a map. The regions that appear on this map are:

  • Falconia: in the north, with a mark in the town of Alturas. Associated with the Air element.
  • Caldera: in the north, with a mark in the town of Honsen. Associated with the Fire element.
  • Aquarela: in the west, with a mark on the Blue Lake. Associated with the element Water.
  • Baiena: in the west, with a mark in the dairy town. Associated with the element Water.
  • Leona: in the east, with a mark in the town Leona City. Associated with the Fire element.
  • Rocky: in the south, with a mark in the Golden Mines. Associated with the element Earth.
  • Reptilia: in the south, with a mark in the Flora population. Associated with the element Earth.

And then apart you can see the areas called: Yótumhaim and El fin (also called ocean). In chapter 31 it seems that the ocean becomes more important, since Leonardo (Professor of technology) explains that no one has been able to cross the ocean, although many have tried. Kaji disagrees, but Leonardo shuts him up by throwing a chalk on his forehead (the impact of which hits him against the wall and dragging other students in the room) and telling him that they are only legends.


This is the story of Kaji Llamaviva, a fire elemental, whose father is a soldier and his mother a baker, who is forced to move with his family from the capital to a redneck town, Beluga Town. In it, Kaji will meet Zap, a rather peculiar lightning elemental; a Lluvia, a water elemental with a lot of character; Sôkar, a very philosophical shadow elemental, and Slayer, a virus elemental from a family of scientists. Kaji's arrival in Beluga Town will take an unexpected turn in their lives, and little by little, they will discover the truth about the legend of the 5 Elements.

1ª Saga

The Guardian
Cap. 1-7.

Kaji Flamefire moves to Beluga Town. There he meets Zap, Lluvia, Sôkar, and Matarratas. Kaji burns the school and tells Zap his theory about the 5 elements and he believes him. The next day Kaji and Lluvia fight in combat class and Kaji wins. That same day Lieutenant Alder summons a labyrinth type test controlled by a psyche elemental (Anpepon). The llamaviva should not do the labyrinth but both Chisp and Kaji manage to enter, for this Kaji disguises himself as Vaporín but immediately they discover him along with Zap reaches the last stages of the test where they meet Lluvia Sôkar, and Matarratas and face the Finalmigo, a fight in which Sôkar runs out of energy and Kaji is seriously injured. Upon exiting the maze the boys see a large ice yotum.

2ª Saga

The League of Elementals
Cap. 8-18.

The entire Beluga College march on a journey to Lioness City, where the League of Elementals is held. There, in addition to Kaji, Lluvia also manages to enter it. Kaji enters the group Fuego13 together with Magmuto, Bombeta, Uap and Phosphorus and together they pass the first phase. Later, the five protagonists go to the library, where, after much effort, they manage to decipher part of Ken Valbrándur's book. The league continues with an elementary football match against the team in which an old friend of Kaji's, called Flama is, and so both Fuego13 and Lluvia's team arrive to the battles, in which they face each other. After an even 3v3 match, it's time for Kaji vs. Rain. In battle they both demonstrate their skills and even Rain is able to perform a Level 3 and, finally, the elemental of water rises with victory. Later Kaji receives a message telling him to go to the Highstar inn (which has been sent by Lluvia since she got angry because she believed that Kaji allowed himself to be won) but there he meets the Anpepon soldier, who turns out to be evil. Fighting among all and, with the help of Professor Bleeding, they manage to defeat him. Finally, they celebrate the day of energy and return to the Beluga Town, thus ending the saga.

3ª Saga

Showdown on Mount Pito
Cap. 19-31

It all starts with the 5 protagonists investigating where the secret that the KV newspaper was talking about may be. Everything begins normal until new characters begin to appear and other familiar characters begin to gain importance (such as Captain Adler). Then, at a certain point, they come to the conclusion that the secret is in the pito mount, which at that time was owned by Kaji's father. In one night, Matarratas discovers that his parents had died and he was the only survivor of his family and, out of anger, he decides to gather the protagonists to go to the Pito mountain and thus solve the mystery. There they find a temple to which they pass. Zap, when touching a stone, causes the entire room they are in to collapse and they end up separated from the mode: Zap - Sokar, Kaji - Rain and Killer by their side. At the same time, Kaji's father is also on the mountain whistle in Sebastian's laboratory, Slayer's grandfather, and Ember's entire past is revealed, who has the twilight virus due to an encounter with Sebastian. Rat Slayer is met with the unpleasant surprise of his master Bleeding Man, predisposed to kill him. At the same time, Lluvia and Kaji begin to argue and confront each other and Sokar and Zap meet Uroboros, whom they end up defeating and, on the run, reach Killer with his sister Rubeola. With the fight, Kaji and Lluvia fall in the same place and a great confrontation with Bleeding begins. When all seems lost, Dino appears, to help his students. With their arrival, victory occurs and they leave the temple, but not empty-handed. Zap leaves the temple with a sphere that Uroboros had dropped. With the end of all this, Kaji and Zap go to train for their part in the capital and Lluvia becomes the teacher of Slayer. This is the end of saga 3.

4ª Saga

The painting that I keep Heliopolis

It all starts with the beginning of classes, the practical module has already finished and the students are gathered at school. Dino Aquatro, the principal begins to sing his song from the beginning of the course while a problem occurs downstairs. An elemental from Pedo begins to mess with everyone but Lluvia stops him hitting him, at which Kaji arrives and a problem forms. Everything runs smoothly until Kaji gets a mysterious pass 4 with an old-fashioned message telling him to participate in the league. He convinces his friends and together they form a team: "KA UVE". They take Flama and Sauce to establish an alibi. All good until they reach the league and some unknown elementals begin to annoy Zap, after a talk they leave. Already in the hostel while the others are sleeping something calls Kaji, he leaves the hostel but he does not know that Lluvia is watching him, he meets Adler who does something to his fire. The Ka Uve team passes all the league tests (but Sôkar ends up hurt). At night Zap accidentally breaks Kaji's vaccines, so Zap and Slayer go to buy materials to make more, Sôkar is unconscious and Lluvia decides to go for a walk after an argument with Kaji. Sôkar feels that Lluvia is in danger, and Kaji along with him go to help her, on the way they meet Zap and Slayer. They come to a wall that marks the border with Yotumhaim, rain is on the other side fighting against the elementals of the league, Dr. Bombastus appears, they kidnap her because Kaji prefers to save his book, Zap and Sôkar go for her but the shadow of Lluvia He had separated from Sôkar's for which Sôkar almost died, but ... his shadow joined Zap's! Slayer fights Kaji, beats him and goes after her (but is kidnapped shortly after) and Kaji is unconscious on the ground. Killer is kidnapped by Dr. Bombastus's boys, Ivy takes him to his laboratory to take out an eye since they were interested in the Kimikoho, but he managed to undo his shackles with the Kimikoho and silk to Ivy. On the other hand, a strange being named Alanka returns fire to Kaji. Zap faces Demencio and Aironfat in a battle in which Aironfat is defeated, suddenly in the battle against Demencio, Kaji makes an appearance, but Kaji is on the opposite side (because they have more information about the Five Elements than they do ( Kaji and the rest will never have, says Kaji) and tries to kill Zap, but it was just a Dementio mind game! and now Demencio wants to kill Zap with a knife (real life), but Uroboros appears and poisons Demencio, but Demencio does not give up and suddenly ... Zap launches a new technique: Fried Egg !, Sôkar opens a portal and is save together with Zap. Suddenly Matarratas appears on the other side of the door where Sôkar and Zap are, Matarratas speaks to them to which Zap thinks they have turned Matarratas into the door, Matarratas opens the door and meets Zap and Sôkar, and suddenly Ivy appears to to struggle.

Ivy and Rat Killer fight, and Rat Killer wins, though he is near death. Suddenly, Uróboros cures Matarratas. They then meet Kei, a double fire and shadow elemental created by Bombastus. When he is about to kill Zap, Kaji appears again and they fight. In combat, Kaji unleashes Sunset Mode, but recovers thanks to Alanka. Defeat Kei with Alanka's Fire.

It continues in December with Cap 43: Bombastus knows it.

5 Element Characters

Kaji llamaviva

He is a fire elemental, son of Ember and Karolina Flamefire and brother of Chisp. He is the protagonist, and he does not differ enough in character from an ordinary boy. He has always refused to be a soldier like his father, and ends up living against his will in Beluga Town, instead of in Leona City, the capital, with his uncle Benjamin Llamaviva. He has a deep appreciation for Benjamin, and some hatred for his father. People always give him a bad look when they discover that his goal is to prove that the 5 Elements were heroes. This makes Zap's only true friend, as Zap doesn't consider him strange. You are infected with the Ocaso Virus, one of the three viruses that were prohibited from searching. It was transmitted to him genetically by his father, who was infected with the virus on Day Zero.. He has in his possession the journal of Ken Válbrandur, leader of the 5 Elements, written entirely in Ancient.


Lightning elemental with a strong resemblance to the character Raruto(from the comics of the same name, and the same author). His character can be considered as someone who is clueless, joking, and very short of understanding. He is an orphan and no details of his family are known, if any. In turn, in combat Zap stands out for his speed, for his way of fighting without thinking and for his little use of techniques from the school of the 5 levels (since he usually fights with his fists charged with electricity and rarely uses his techniques ), he often uses his element to light his own head in a lightbulb parody, or plugs a console charger into his nose to recharge its battery, and has only used an offensive electrical ability four times; one in the use of a possibly self-described technique called Fried ChickenAlthough this would not have been possible without Sôkar's help, apart from this battle he further demonstrates his good teamwork with Sôkar and his good coordination with him. He is the best, and practically unique, friend of Kaji Llamaviva, being one of the few (along with Sauce and Sôkar) who accepts him without discrimination. He tries to help Kaji decipher Ken Válbrandur's diary (although really, so far, he has done absolutely nothing). As of Saga 4, Zap takes as a pet the new Uroboros, which was born from an egg that the old one left when he died and that Zap found. Apart in saga 4 because the shadow of Sôkar and Lluvia had separated after the kidnapping of this, the near death of Sôkar because of this, Zap's attempts to save Sokar's life and his strength to recover to Rain,

Aquarrica Rain

Elemental of Alcaesto, publicly Elemental of Water. She is the daughter of Mr. Aquarrica, and practically the second strongest student at the Pueblo Beluga school (including the 10th graders and that teacher who has a skateboard). At first he is kind to Kaji, but, after his mistake (insulting the water elementals without knowing that she was, and criticizing Nizo's father without knowing that she is his sister), he falls out with him. She maintains a rivalry with Kaji, possibly due to the difference of elements, to Kaji insulting the water elementals, or to Kaji overcoming her in a fight in front of the entire Beluga school. Despite the apparent enmity between her and Kaji, she helps him several times, such as helping Rat Slayer heal Kaji. However, he seems to still be eager to prove that he is better than him. She has shown her fighting skills against Kaji and the Anpepon soldier, showing that she is not only strong, but also somewhat tricky, and that she has trained quite a bit in her life. In chapter 31 it is revealed that he is actually an Elemental from Akaestus and this is confirmed by Rat Slayer who sees the sign of Aquest within Lluvia with his Kimikoho. In saga 4 she is kidnapped by the artificial elements of Doctor Bombastus due to her Alcaestus.

Matarratas Rod Rattengift

It is elemental of Virus. His character is serious, and could also be considered cold. It seems to have a traumatic past, due to being an elemental of Viruses (Considered as the scum of elementals, since its element produces a disease to whoever touches the skin and infects or even kills some plants by having direct contact with them). He passionately hates the 5 Elements, because they presumably murdered his family, and destroyed a ton of data and labs. He worked with Professor Bleeding supposedly in the so-called Project Dawn, an investigation to create a vaccine so that the elemental viruses can touch other living beings without infecting them with any virus. However, what Bloodler really wanted was to get hold of the Nightfall Virus. Something that is striking is that, both his grandfather and Sôkar's, investigated things that the government did not like, which, in the future of the series, may be important. Owns theKimikoho or chemical eye . It is an eye skill that is passed down every 2 generations in the Rattengift family. With it you can see the simple substances that matter is made up of and also alter them to form other compounds, among other things.

Sôkar Was

It is Shadow elemental, and it is the shadow of Rain (possibly due to its elemental affinity, since they are both from the same elemental branch). He has a philosophical character, like everyone in his family, his family always wears blindfolds and dark clothes. Despite the impossibility of seeing due to the blindfold, he seems to have a very great sense of direction, as he can walk freely everywhere, and even create portals that lead to other places. He is one of the few characters who gets on moderately well with Kaji, offering to help him decipher Ken Válbrandur's diary, written in Old (a language he knows partially thanks to his late grandfather, although, according to him, he only knows a few insults, single words, and just enough to flirt). He is an excessively mysterious character, with relatively little known about his family or past, and the moment he met Lluvia is unknown. It is also unknown if he has any hidden goals. From saga 4 due to the kidnapping of Lluvia and the near death of Sokar when separating much from Lluvia, Sokar ends up becoming the shadow of Zap.


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