5. Flak-Brigade - 5. Flak-Brigade

The fifth anti-aircraft brigade was in the Second World War, a task force of the Air Force in brigade strength . The brigade was set up in August 1940 in western France (Rennes) by converting the brigade staff of the Flak Brigade Veith . [1]


After the brigade was established, it took over the operational management of the flak units in the Orleans- Nantes - Brest area . The brigade was assigned to the II. Flak Corps until the beginning of 1941 , later to the Luftgaukommando Western France, and was subordinated to the 13th Flak Division in 1943/1944 .

In February 1944, again assigned to the Luftgaukommando West France, the brigade was relocated to the south of France with a command post in Nîmes . After the Allied landings in southern France, the brigade first had to retreat to Orange and later to Belfort in September 1944 . [1]

In September 1944, the brigade staff was again withdrawn from its duties and until February 1945 it was used for the Reich Luftflotte as command staff for the newly established 5th Flak Brigade (E.Tr.) . She was thus responsible for the entire railway flak for transport protection with a command post in the flak barracks Berlin-Lankwitz . In March 1945 the 5th Flak Brigade (E.Tr.) was reclassified into the 30th Flak Division (E.Tr.) . [1]


Rank Name date
Oberst Karl Veith August 1940 to April 30, 1942
Oberst Max Schaller May 1, 1942 to January 5, 1943
Oberst Karl Halberstadt January 6-22, 1943
Oberst Karl von Löderer January 23 to November 30, 1943
Oberst Alfred Erhard December 1, 1943 to July 31, 1944
Oberst Kurt Lohr August 1, 1944 to October 26, 1944


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Individual evidence

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