5. Flak-Division (W) - 5. Flak-Division (W)

Presumably members of the 5th Flak Division preparing for a V1

The 5th Flak Division (W) was a large special unit of the German Air Force in World War II , which was tactically subordinate to the Waffen-SS and was entrusted with the command of long-range aerial combat using V 1 . The abbreviation W was added to make it clear that this association, known as the Flak Division , also performed the tasks of Wehrmacht units.

List, structure and subordination

Preparations for the formation of the Flak Division began in November 1943. The LXV General Command was responsible for the construction . Army Corps e.g. V. , which on October 20, 1944 in the General Command XXX. Army Corps zbV was renamed. The command staff of the future division consisted of both Army and Air Force members. Several army units and the Flak Regiment 155 (W) were subordinate to him . Around the beginning of November 1944, the air force components were subordinated to the newly established command staff of the Flak Division, whose commanding officer was Colonel Eugen Walter with a command post in Meschede . Taking over the tactical command of the V 1was recorded on November 17, 1944. However, Eugen Walter's leadership assignment was short-lived. On January 26, 1945, Hermann Göring decreed that the division would in future be subordinate to the Waffen SS. On February 14, 1945, the division then fell into the command of SS-Gruppenführer Hans Kammler , who combined the entire deployment of the V 1 and A 4 . On February 15, 1945, Colonel Max Wachtel was appointed commander of the 5th Flak Division (W) . He then held this position until the end of the war.

Due to its special position, the Flak Division did not have the usual structure of a regular Flak Division. It initially consisted of the Flak Regiment 155 (W) , which was divided into three departments and an air communications department. Furthermore, she was subordinate to a weather station with 7 radiosonde stations. A column department and two supply leader departments (W) were subordinate to division troops. Special associations were the Abwehrstelle 430 , the SS military geology department 500 and a separate special court.


The operations of the 5th Flak Division (W) from February 1945 to the end of March 1945 are not known. They were presumably confidential. At the beginning of April 1945, meanwhile the enemy fire by means of V 1 had been stopped, Kammler applied that the Flak Division with the artillery of the 8th Flak Divisionshould be equipped in order to be able to be used again in the ranks of the Waffen-SS as a regular anti-aircraft division. However, his proposal was rejected on April 7, 1945 by the Chief of the General Staff of the Air Force. Instead, she suggested that the staff and equipment of the aforementioned 8th Flak Division should be transferred, which in fact means that the division would be subordinated to the Air Force. It is unclear whether the submission was carried out before the end of the war. During the last days of the war, the division itself was in the Hamburg - Bad Segeberg area , where it was captured by the Allies on May 3, 1945. [1]

Individual evidence

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