5 gays.com (bachelor party) - 5 gays.com (Despedida de soltero)

5 gays.com (bachelor party)
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5 gays.com (Bachelor Party) is a play by Uruguayan Rafael Pence , premiered in Spain on June 14 , 2003 . The work remained on the bill until 2007 . It was released in Argentina in 2003 and ran until 2006. In Uruguay it was released in April 2011.


Five homosexuals who have met through a chat , meet at the house of one of them to celebrate the bachelor party of the host who is going to marry a woman. Each of the five responds to a different pattern, age and mentality and will face the situation equally from their different perspectives. The situations arise from the combination of five very different characters, representative of different lifestyles within the same sexual option, who adopt a personal position before the decision that one of them has made.

This quintet, a group of talkative and very different men who will react, and with each character in a distinctive way, to the news of the imminent wedding, which some will dismiss as treason, excess or even sad despair, all this shown through a text agile, intelligent, ironic and full of humor, that surprises and amuses from the moment the curtain rises.


The play, in its premiere, was starred by Emilio Laguna , Enrique Simón , Javier Lago, Paco Florido and Alfonso Flores. In 2005, the first three were replaced respectively by Guillermo Montesinos , Micky Molina and Chiqui Álvarez. In 2006, Miguel Caiceo joined and Javier Lago returned, replacing Montesinos and Molina.

It premiered in Buenos Aires in 2005, with Germán Kraus , Diego Olivera , Roberto Antier , Jorge Martínez , Christian Sancho , Gonzalo Urtizberea and Martín Gianola . It was also the theater debut of couturier Roberto Piazza, who was nominated for the Estrella de Mar Awards as a revelation.

In Uruguay it was released in April 2011, also directed by Rafael Pence as in the previous cases with a cast made up of Ignacio Cardozo (Pablo), Pablo Robles (Mauricio), Juan Gamero (Abel), Guillermo Villarrubí (Carlos), Joaquín Ortiz (Jose), Martín Fort (Juan) and Nicolás Baladán (Andrés).


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