5 pal 'weight - 5 pal' peso

5 pal 'peso is an Argentine filmfilmed in colors directed by Raúl Perrone on his own script written in collaboration with Roberto Barandalla that premiered on December 3 , 1998 and had as main actors Campi , Valentina Bassi , Adrián Otero and Ivan Noble .

It is the director's first film to reach a conventional release. [ 1 ]


A group of young people from Ituzaingó wander the streets, pizzerias and pool halls, survive and fight without leaving their town.



Fernando Martín Peña in Film wrote:

"Perrone makes the everyday really reach (to) ... Argentine cinema." [ 1 ]

Diego Lerer in Clarín said:

«... another little story without a story, built on the basis of peculiarly framed sequence shots.» [ 1 ]

Diego Batle in La Nación expressed his opinion:

«Banal dialogues, seemingly inconsequential situations ... compilation of manners vignettes tinged with looks, long silences and gestures that do not try to hide mistakes or have excessive ambitions.» [ 1 ]

Aníbal Vinelli in Clarín said:

«The harsh reality and raw cinema ... good intentions stumble upon the story ... a narrative that progresses to stumbling blocks and performances that range from the spontaneous and amateur to more accomplished ones. Suffice it to say that there are no deceptions and lies, but it is still not enough. » [ 1 ]

Manrupe and Portela write:

«... the camera in hand abounds, the voluntary messiness in the montage and the sound.» [ 1 ]



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