5 Seasons - 5 Seasons

Original title 5 Seasons
5 Seasons.svg
Country of production Germany
original language Deutsch
Publishing year 2015
Long 85 minutes
Age rating FSK 18 [1]
Director Olaf Ittenbach
script Olaf Ittenbach
production Olaf Ittenbach
Tanja Ittenbach
music Armin Küster
Stephan Ortlepp
Camera Tanja Ittenbach
cut Tanja Ittenbach
David Lunch

5 Seasons (subtitle: The five gates to hell ) is a German splatter film by Olaf Ittenbach from 2015.


Five people have come together in a fateful community: the children of all five people were taken by child molesters and murderers. The judiciary failed in all five cases. The five persons take justice into their own hands. They kidnap the murderers, torture them in a horrific way with various instruments of torture from the Middle Ages and modern times, forcing them to confess. Then they kill their children's tormentors. They don't stop at collateral damage either: when one of the child molesters tries to run away, they simply kill the pizza delivery guy who happened to be there.

In the end they get into an argument about how they want to go on living and kill each other. The last survivor then judges himself.


5 Seasons marks the first collaboration between Olaf Ittenbach and his second wife Tanja Ittenbach, who works here as producer, camerawoman and editor. The shooting took place in North Rhine-Westphalia. Filming did not begin under a lucky star: film equipment was stolen on set and other items such as lamps and spotlights were destroyed. Many actors and crew members also canceled in advance because the subject of child abuse seemed too sensitive to them. Tanja Ittenbach had to step in as a camerawoman after the actual cameraman did not show up on the set. [2]

The original version of the film premiered at the Weekend of Fear on May 2, 2015. For the German video market, the film had to be shortened from its original running length of 85 minutes to 65 minutes in order to receive FSK approval. In fact, the opening and closing credits of the film had to be slowed down so that the film did not fall under 60 minutes. This would have meant classification as a short film. [3]

An uncut version was published in a limited version as a media book with two different cover motifs and a booklet with liner notes by Tony Blaschke. [4]


Tony Blaschke's booklet already points out that Ittenbach's “fat years are over”. In his assessment, Blaschke comes to the conclusion that Ittenbach, compared to comparable works from the independent scene, “no longer has the old strength, but his weaker works still wipe the floor with the competition”. You should decide for yourself "whether the subject of child abuse should be dealt with in a splatter film." [2]

In Haiko's film dictionary, the reviewer writes:

“5 Seasons cannot be interpreted as an indictment of child abuse, even if the film was supposed to be just that. The distance to the acts of the torturers is not big enough and the Gore content (in the uncut version) is too much adapted to the wishes of the splatter fans. That leaves nothing more than another crude gore film by Olaf Ittenbach, which uses a serious topic rather than accuses - and that is not a good idea. "

- AP : Haikosfilmlexikon.de [5]


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