6-plus-6-Instrument - 6-plus-6-Instrument

6-plus-6 instruments are chromatic musical instruments in which two rows of keys, strings or sound bars are each attached with whole-tone spacing. Both rows are offset by a semitone. This arrangement always results in the same fingering for a piece of music as long as its starting note is on the same page. If the starting note is on the other side, the fingering for the same piece is mirrored. If there is another row that is identical to the first, the fingering is the same for all keys, e.g. B. the three-row 6 + 6 accordion.

The 6 + 6 arrangement is taken into account in the Beyreuther music principle.

The following instruments are known as 6-plus-6 instruments:

Keyboard instruments

Saiten instrumente

Percussion instruments

6-plus-6 glockenspiel: The white sound bars make up the C major scale. (top row: G #, A #, C, D, E, F #, G #, A #, C, D, E, F #; bottom row: G, A, H, C #, D #, F, G, A, H, C # , D #, F, G)

In addition to the straw fiddle, these instruments are also offered with removable sound bars. This converts conventional chromatic instruments into 6-plus-6 instruments.

Instruments with a shifted 6-plus-6 arrangement

Both rows of these instruments are offset by more than a semitone in at least one direction.