6 hour run - 6-Stunden-Lauf

Route map of the 6-hour run in Nuremberg on the Wöhrder Wiese

The 6-hour run is a form of the ultramarathon and is one of the runs defined by a certain period of time, in which the participants try to cover the longest possible distance within the given time. [1]

Brief description

The 6-hour run is a relatively young ultra marathon. As a road race , the course often consists of a (usually officially measured) 1 to 3 km long lap, which can also be up to approx. 5 kilometers. The track is usually a 400 meter oval track. 6-hour runs can also be held in the hall. The refreshment stands are mostly in the start-finish area, but for larger laps they can also be set up in the middle of the route.

The runners wear transponder chips on their shoes or in their start numbers, with which every passage through an electronic counter is automatically measured. After exactly six hours, the runners have to stop immediately and wait until one of several measuring teams comes by and determines the exact distance. But there is also the possibility to determine the distance traveled by putting down an object. In Münster, for example, as soon as it was foreseeable that the last lap was due, the runners received a small sand-filled balloon with the respective start number, which had to be taken down after six hours at the point of the running route when the signal was received. [2]

In the open air, men usually cover 50 to 65 kilometers, top athletes cover 80 to 85 kilometers and more. In 2016, 28 men and one woman ran 80 kilometers worldwide. [3]

The 6-hour run can also be held in combination with a 12 or 24-hour run or an hour run as well as 2- or 3-hour runs can be counted for yourself . Relays can also be admitted.

The oldest run in Germany is the Self-Transcendence 6-hour run in Nuremberg , the largest is the 6-hour run in Münster .


Ultra Self-Transcendence Ottawa

6-hour runs are documented by the German Ultramarathon Association (DUV) from the mid-1970s, such as the Accolade 100 (100 Miles Track Running Race) from October 25, 1975, a 100 miles (approx. 160 km) track run in Tipton (England) . [4] In the 1980s, however, the races were almost only split between longer runs and only very occasionally pure 6-hour runs. Only from the beginning of the 1990s are they increasingly documented, first for Europe, then in North America. [5] Some events existed for many years, such as the "6 hours ultraloop" in Amersfoort, and some even to this day, such as the Self-Transcendence 6-hour run in Nuremberg and the “Self Transcesdence” runs in Kingston (Ontario) or with an interruption and changeover from 24 to six hours in Ottawa . In Japan, the Hiratsuka 6-hour race celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016 . Since the beginning of the 2000s, the 6-hour runs have enjoyed increasing popularity around the world, so that due to their large number, some events were discontinued after a short time.


The 6-hour run is one of the disciplines in which no official records are held. [6]

World records

On March 11, 2017, Nele Alder-Baerens set a new world record at the 6-hour run in Münster with 85.492 km and improved the previous record of the Japanese Norimi Sakurai (83.200 km) on September 27, 2003 [7] by 2.3 kilometers. The British Donald Ritchie holds the world record for men with 97.200 km from October 28, 1978 (August 20, 2016). [7]

German records

discipline Women Distance
Men Distance
6-hour race (road) Nele Alder-Baerens 85,492 Rainer Lindemann 86,538
6-hour run (track) Ricarda Botzon 81,896 Gerd Boldhaus 89,200
6-hour run (hall) Cornelia Bullig 54,960 Marian-Jan Olejnik 74,400

World and European championships


So far there are no world or European championships. However, the “6-Hour Hero Cup” is held in Europe.

Sri Chinmoy 6-Hour Hero Cup

The “Sri Chinmoy 6-Hour Hero Cup” or “Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 6-Hour European Championship” (SCEC), in German: “Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 6-Hour European Championship”, has been run by the “Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team “(SCMT).


The first Hero Cup in 2012 consisted of a total of seven 6-hour races in Europe (including Nuremberg , Vienna , Munich ). The final of the Hero Cup series took place in Munich. [8th]

In 2013, the series consisted of seven runs (Nuremberg, Milan , Nitra , Vienna, Kladno , Lang - Lebring , Munich). [9] [10] [11]

In 2014 and 2015 the Hero Cup was not hosted.

In 2016, the cup consisted of six running competitions (Nuremberg, Milan, Nitra, Vienna, Berlin , Munich). [12]

The 2017 series, which began on September 17, 2016, was expanded to nine runs. In addition to Nuremberg, Nitra, Prague, Vienna and Munich, there were also Belgrade , Amsterdam , Riga and Kiev , where the season began. [13] The series ends again in Munich on September 9, 2017 with the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 6-Hour European Championship (SCEC) [13] at the Sri Chinmoy Peace-Mile 6-hour run . [14]


In 2012 and 2013, every runner who took part in three of the seven 6-hour runs was automatically included in the overall ranking. [8] [10] Every kilometer counted one point, and every run participation was awarded an additional 20 points. [10]

In 2017 there are placement points, starting points and final points. The placement points are awarded to the best 40 men and women and are divided into 100-88-78-72-68-66-64-62-60-58-56-54-52-50 up to one point for the 40th Space. [13] [14] Each starter automatically receives only ten starting points per participation in one of the runs, regardless of their placement. [13] [14]

At the CUP finals, the placement points are increased by 20% and then rounded, which means that the cup finals are given a higher priority. [14]

Runners can take part in as many races as they want. The best three run results and all starting points count for the cup rating. If a runner takes part in only two races, he or she is included in the ranking with the points earned there. [13] If there is a tie at the end of the top placements, the direct comparison of the participants concerned will be used. [13] [14]

Podiums women

Serie 1st place Points 2nd place Points 3rd place Points
01. 2012 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Puneeta Makowka 466
02. 2013
0 2014 - not carried out -
0 2015 - not carried out -
03. 2016[15] GermanyGermany Barbara Mallmann 270 GermanyGermany Gaby Heidemann 237 Czech RepublicCzech Republic Zuzka Rybková 196
04. 2017
0 2018

Podiums men

Serie 1st place Points 2nd place Points 3rd place Points
01. 2012 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Oskar Ganz 605
02. 2013 OsterreichAustria Hannes Eppich 497 GermanyGermany Kai Jendretzke 368 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Oskar Ganz 275
0 2014 - not carried out -
0 2015 - not carried out -
03. 2016[16] GermanyGermany Kai Jendretzke 276 GermanyGermany Günter Marhold 164 GermanyGermany Michael Vanicek 140
04. 2017
0 2018

German championships

In Germany , the German Ultramarathon Association organized the German championships for the first time in 2012 and annually from 2014 onwards . The competition is a road run.

German Championships (DUV)

year date Place / event Finish lines Results
01. 2012 3. November Troisdorf ,
12th Troisdorf 6h run
168 (128 m, 40 w) Results
2013 not carried out
02. 2014 13. September Weißenstadt ,
12th 6 hour run of the WSV Weißenstadt
067 (56 m, 11 w) Results
03. 2015 October 3 Otterndorf ,
10th Otterndorf tidal race
144 (112 m, 32 w) Results
04. 2016 2. April Nuremberg ,
20th Self-Transcendence 6-hour run Nuremberg
202 (160 m, 42 w) Results
05. 2017 March 11 Münster ,
8th 6-hour run, Münster
533 (395 m, 138 w) Results
06. 2018 9. June Hoyerswerda ,
6th Hoyerswerda 6h European run
85 (55 m, 30 w) Results

Podiums women

year 1st place km 2nd place km 3rd place km
01. 2012 Tanja Hooß 73,642 Pamela Veith 72,568 Simone Durry 69,904
02. 2014 Pamela Veith 75,354 Natascha Bischoff 72,576 Birgit Schelter 64,962
03. 2015 Pamela Veith 72,788 Silk Gielen 67,111 Ilka Friedrich 65,720
04. 2016 Nele Alder-Baerens 82,998 Rebecca Walter 75,153 Sarah Perkins 73,538
05. 2017 Nele Alder-Baerens 85,492 Birgit Schönherr-Hölscher 73,633 Barbara Mallmann 73,608
06. 2018 Nele Alder-Baerens 78,927 Anne Stephan 74,315 Julia Jezek 69,117

Podiums men

year 1st place km 2nd place km 3rd place km
01. 2012 Achim Zimmermann 83,520 Rainer Wilfried Koch 81,662 Jörg Hooß 80,947
02. 2014 Florian Boehme 80,724 Adam Zahoran 79,061 Christian Jakob 76,447
03. 2015 Adam Zahoran 85,606 Tobias Hegmann 84,214 Jan-hendrik hans 79,582
04. 2016 Adam Zahoran 87,991 Matthias Dippacher 84,651 Carsten Stegner 84,348
05. 2017 Christof Marquardt 82,067 Christian Jakob 80,960 Benjamin brade 80,082
06. 2018 Gerrit Wegener 76,922 Robert Kubisch 73,524 Stefan Thoms 72,435

Events (selection)


  • Self-Transcendence 6-hour run Nuremberg , the oldest of its kind, spring
  • 6-hour run Münster , the largest of its kind
  • Self-Transcendence 6-hour run Munich
  • 6-hour run - LG Mörfelden-Walldorf
  • Six-hour run Waldhessen Rotenburg an der Fulda
  • Bergischer 6-hour run
  • Porsche 6-hour run
  • Ottobrunn six-hour run
  • Troisdorf six-hour run (discontinued)
  • Six-hour run around the pond
  • Bokeler six-hour run
  • Six hours of Saarbrücken jungle run
  • Six-hour run in Kelheim
  • 6 hour run Schwäbisch Gmünd
  • 6-hour run in the Harsefeld monastery park
  • 6 hour run in Bottrop


  • Meuleberg Recycling zes uren ultraloop in Stein (Netherlands), most important Dutch run
  • Races - 6 hour run - De Gemzen (Niederlande)
  • Sri Chinmoy 6-hour race Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Mittersiller six-hour run (Austria)
  • Self-Transcendence 6-hour race Vienna (Austria)
  • 6-hour run in Steyr (Austria)
  • Six-hour run Lassee (Austria)
  • 6-hour run Aare-Insel Brugg (Switzerland)
  • 6 Ore Running e Walking Day Ticino (Schweiz)
  • 6/12 h & 100 km Self-Transcendence Race Prag (Tschechien)
  • 6/12 h & 100 km Race Nitra (Slowakei)
  • Self-Transcendence 6+12+24-hour race Belgrad (Serbien)
  • The 6 Hours of L'Echo du Pas-de-Calais (Frankreich)
  • 6 Hours of San Giuseppe (Italien)
  • 6 Hours of the Vito Frangione Memorial Templars (Italy)
  • Sri Chinmoy Running Festival 6/12/24 Hour Mailand (Italien)
  • Sri Chinmoy 6-hour race Riga (Lettland)
  • Self-Transcendence 6+12+24-hour race Kiew (Ukraine)
  • Hiratsuka 6 hour race (Japan)
  • National Taipei University 6H Ultra Marathon (Taiwan)
  • Taipei International 6 Hour Marathon (Taiwan)
  • Yizai Jincheng 6h Ultramarathon (Taiwan)
  • Fuzhou 6h Ultramarathon (VR China)

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