600 kilos of pure gold! - 600 Kilo pures Gold!

German title 600 kilos of pure gold!
Original title 600 kilos d’or pur
Country of production France
original language French
Publishing year 2010
Long 96 minutes
Age rating FSK 16[1]
Director Eric Besnard
script Éric Besnard
Nicolas Boukhrief
production Eric Altmeyer
Nicolas Altmeyer
music Christophe Julien
Camera Jean-Marie Dreujou
cut Christophe pinel

600 kilos of pure gold! (Original title: French 600 kilos d'or pur ) is a French adventure film by Éric Besnard from 2010.


The helicopter pilot Virgil, the legal gold digger Lionel, the employee of the gold mining company Canadian Gold Rémi, the restaurant owner Georges and the mercenary Enzo are planning the theft of 600 kilos of gold in French Guiana . The Canadian Gold company buys illegal gold and sells it to Switzerland at a huge profit margin . When illegal gold diggers raid Lionel's camp, he and his workers are killed. When his wife Camille then loses the mining rights, she furiously takes Lionel's place in the planned coup.

They fly with a helicopter near the gold mine, where they ambush a gold transport to Canadian Gold and take the post of driver. Once there, with Rémi's support, they rob the safe completely empty and flee with 600 kilos of gold. The booty is loaded into the helicopter when Camille recognizes a former employee, a pregnant Indian , and wants to take her away. Meanwhile, Canadian Gold employees open fire on the helicopter, which remains a few meters above the ground. Camille and the Indian woman reach the helicopter at the last second. However, this was hit and is too heavy, so that the planned escape via the Brazilian border, which is 30 minutes away, ends deep in the Guayan rainforest.

The five gold robbers decide to come to Brazil on foot . Everyone takes as much gold as they can carry and they bury the rest in the rainforest to pick it up later. In scorching heat and torrential rain, they fight their way through the jungle, heavily loaded, pursued by the killers of Canadian Gold. Exhausted, they come to a river that leads to the sea. Virgil decides to use the current and swim in the river to flee. Rémi, who seems to be unable to cope with this situation, is increasingly becoming a problem within the group. When it loses its gold in the river, it becomes even more unpredictable. Enzo also threatens to go blind from an eye infection.

During a rest, they discover that the current in the river is reversing. Through the ebb and flow of the tide, they realize that they have been moving away from the sea all along. Then Rémi kills Georges unnoticed in his madness and wants to flee in the right direction with a share of gold. At that moment he is murdered by the killers. They tracked down the group and are attacking them. Enzo, almost blind, is able to shoot some, and Indios suddenly appearing to help them kill the enemy. Enzo shoots himself in a secluded spot. Virgil has a satellite phone reception on a hill and asks a friend to send a helicopter. In the meantime, the Indian gives birth to her baby.

After Virgil realizes that he has been betrayed and military helicopters are approaching, he gives Camille the satellite phone with the coordinates of the buried gold and says goodbye. He is seriously injured by an arm injury. When Camille flees with the Indio and their child, they hear a military helicopter shoot Virgil. An Indian helps the three survivors and leads them to the gold.


"Adventure film that ties in with the great tradition of French genre cinema and is convincing thanks to its main actor."

"Explosive adventure stripes without dramatic firlefanz."

"In contrast to Germany, France has never given up its proud tradition of genre films and is now seamlessly following on from classics such as Lohn der Angst with this exciting and action-packed adventure thriller against the impressive backdrop of the Latin American rainforest."

- Video.de [4]


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