60x60 - 60x60

Compilation box of Charly García
Publication 2012
Recording October - December of 2011 at the Teatro Gran Rex
Genders) Rock
Record label EMI Music
Chronology of Charly García
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60x60 is a compilation box by the Argentine rock musician Charly García . The box was published in 2012 by EMI Music , it contains the CD and DVD record of the concerts performed by García at the end of 2011 at the Gran Rex Theater in Buenos Aires.


Between October and December 2011, Charly García, celebrating his 60th birthday, presented three concerts ("La Vanguardia es asi", "Detrás de las Paredes" and "El Ángel Vigía") at the Gran Rex Theater, on the three nights He did not repeat any theme, he presented 60 songs which form a small part of his extensive career which spans 40 years, he reviewed some songs from the bands in which he participated such as Sui Generis , Serú Girán , and also from his stage as a soloist. [ 1 ] Charly appeared with his new band, The Prostitution (Cristine Brebes, Julián Gándara, Carlos García López , Carlos González , Kiuge Hayashida , Rosario Ortega, Fernando Samalea , Toño Silva, Alejandro Terán and Fabián Von Quintiero ) [ 2 ] and with luxury guests such as Pedro Aznar , Juanse , Nito Mestre , Fito Páez , Graciela Borges and Juan Alberto Badía . [ 3 ] These three concerts have been put together in this luxury compilation box, with the title of 60x60which includes 3 DVDs with more than 3 hours of concert, 3 audio CDs, a 44-page book, a giant poster and an original drawing of Charly. The concerts were recorded in a High Definition system with twelve cameras, recorded and mixed by Pigeon Dal Pont - winner of 3 Grammy Awards - and mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, New York , with Joe Blaney as consulting engineer. [ 4 ] [ 3 ]

List of topics

CD / DVD 1: The Vanguard Is Like This

October 27, 2011

  1. Tango in second
  2. Love waits
  3. Close to the Revolution
  4. Rock and Roll Yo
  5. Anhedonia
  6. Does not matter
  7. They keep hitting us down (Deadly sin)
  8. Viernes 3AM
  9. The fat of the capitals
  10. I feel so much better ( Gene Clark )
  11. 20 tear suits I
  12. Your vice
  13. Chipi Chipi
  14. Demolishing hotels
  15. I'm not going by train
  16. Disarm and bleed
  17. The dinosaurs
  18. Do not touch
  19. Winter confessions

CD / DVD 2: Behind the Walls

October 29, 2011

  1. Institutions
  2. Passenger in a trance
  3. I pray for you (Spinetta / García)
  4. Going from bed to living room
  5. I need your love
  6. Speaking to your heart
  7. Influenza ( Todd Rundgren )
  8. 20 tear suits II
  9. Fantasy
  10. Alice in Wonderland Song
  11. I'm not a stranger
  12. They do not let me out
  13. Knives
  14. Collective unconscious
  15. Salt does not salt
  16. Promises on the bidet
  17. Andalusian dog
  18. Do not cry for me Argentina
  19. Scratch the stones
  20. Fanky

CD / DVD 3: The Watching Angel

December 1, 2011

  1. Piano bar
  2. 2 x 3 song
  3. I'm not in love
  4. Silver on silver
  5. The girl who stole the world
  6. The day they turned off the light
  7. You should know why
  8. New rags
  9. Popotitos ( Larry Williams / Armando Martínez )
  10. Crying in the mirror
  11. You don't dare to take off
  12. 20 suits of tears III
  13. Rare new hairstyles
  14. Rap from exile
  15. Assassinate me
  16. Song for my death
  17. It will not be called my love
  18. Go to Leda
  • All songs belong to Charly García, except where indicated.


Special guests:

  • Pedro Aznar (Andalusian Dog and Don't cry for me, Argentina)
  • Nito Mestre (Institutions)
  • Fito Páez (It will not be called my love)
  • The Paralamas do Sucesso
  • Juanse (The salt does not salt)
  • Juan Alberto Badía (The girl who stole the world) and Graciela Borges (20 Costumes of tears I, II and III) (Narration off)


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