64s - 64’er

64'er - The magazine for computer fans
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Area of ​​Expertise Commodore 64/128
language Deutsch
Verlag Markt + Technik Verlag
First edition 4/84
attitude 1/99
Editor-in-chief Georg Klinge
editor Otmar Weber
ISSN (Print)

The magazine 64'er - The magazine for computer fans was a computer magazine distributed by Markt + Technik Verlag from 1984 to 1996 . In the 1980s, it was one of the most important sources of information for Commodore 64 users in German-speaking countries alongside the Data Becker books . The first edition appeared at the Hanover Fair in 1984. The editor-in-chief in the early years was Michael M. Pauly, who was also in charge of the sister magazines Computer Personal and Happy Computer (first edition 11/83).


In addition to numerous courses for beginners and advanced users, often page-long listings to type in and lots of tips and tricks, the magazine often dared to think outside the box and was therefore not only a relatively accurate copy, but also an engine of the home computer scene that existed at the time . [1] [2] This resulted in the offshoot magazines Amiga-Magazin (first edition No. 6 and 7/1987), the PCgo (first edition No. 10/1993) or the special issue Archimedes Computer-Faszination (from 1993). In each issue there was a listing of the month and an application of the monthwhich was particularly successful with a cash prize of DM 2,000 for the listing of the month (from issue 9/1987 DM 3,000) and DM 500 for the use of the month (from issue 9/1987 DM 1,000) to the author. It is worth mentioning that some of the later internationally known programmers and artists like Chris Hülsbeck and Manfred Trenz took part in these competitions and started their careers here.

To make it easier for the reader to type in the program listings, the auxiliary programs MSE (input editor for assembler listings) and Checksummer ( checksum program for checking the entered BASIC program code) were introduced at the beginning of 1985 . These were continuously improved over the next few years. Because this method worked, it was soon adopted by other computer magazines.

Many 64'er special issues with a subject (such as Assembler , beginners, programming , games , GEOS ) around the Commodore 64, but also for his close 8-bit relatives C16 / 116 , VC20 , Plus / 4 and C128 were released. A program diskette was enclosed with these special issues from issue 46 , so that one could save the tedious typing of the listings. The last monthly special was issue 97 (topic games) in 1993.

With issue No. 12/1996 the magazine was discontinued as an independent magazine. From then on, subscribers received the PCgo magazine published by the same publisher or an issue of the PC game magazine Power Play (discontinued at the beginning of 2000), along with a leaflet and a program diskette . After issue no. 1/1999, the leaflet was also dropped, so that you only received an unlabelled diskette as an addition to the PCgo . From the end of 1999 onwards, a CD-ROM that was published every six months was used as a supplement. This medium has not been produced since 2009 either.

When the end of the 64's became apparent as a print magazine, some C64 fans founded the magazine GO64! . The first printed edition appeared in March 1997.


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