666 (Basstard and Kaisa album) - 666 (Basstard-und-Kaisa-Album)

Studio album by Basstard and Kaisa



Label(s) Sony Music Entertainment / Hell Raisa Records / Horrorkore Entertainment

Format (s)




Title (number)


running time

77 minutes


DJ Korx, High Hat, Woroc u. A.

Studio (s)


Chronology of Basstard
(with DJ Korx)
666 Zwiespalt (Gray)
Chronology of Kaisa
Thorn in the side
666 Black Shark

666 is a joint album by the Berlin rappers Basstard and Kaisa . It was released on May 30, 2008 through Hell Raisa Records and Horrorkore Entertainment and is distributed by Sony Music Entertainment . 666 is the re-release of the album Das Omen , which for legal reasons could no longer be sold under this name. However, it lacks the pieces The Omen , afraid of ghosts , Scream , Saw , It and What else comes, which have been replaced by the new songs Halloween 2008 , Through the Fog , Plastic World and 666 .

Track list

MC Basstard
  1. It starts - 1:35
  2. Cinema day - 3:49
  3. No alibi - 4:29
  4. Legal, Illegal, Shit doesn't matter (with Skinny Al and GPC) - 5:20
  5. Day of the Demons - 4:32
  6. Kämpf – 4:27
  7. Black Market (with Organ Mafia & Abu Sex) - 5:16
  8. Dragon Venom - 3:38
  9. Monster (with 4.9.0 Graveyard Chiller) - 5:23
  10. Take my hand - 4:56
  11. The Last Judgment - 4:03
  12. From then to now (with Manny Marc & gynecologist) - 6:15
  13. The Emperor - 4:38
  14. It comes - 4:28
  15. Halloween 2008 – 3:00
  16. Through the fog (with full contact) - 4:33
  17. Plastikwelt – 3:32
  18. 666 (with medicine man) - 3:38


The musical background of the rapped verses is made up of hip-hop beats that were contributed by a large number of producers. It starts , the first track on the album, was produced by Basstard himself. Massaka Beats was responsible for the music for Kino Tag , FAK for Legal, Illegal, Scheißegal und Von then bis now , Syndikate Beats for Demons Day , Balkan Beats for Kämpf , Flash Gordon for Dragon Poison and Crizdova for Take My Hand . Known as a member of the VS Mafia group, Woroc was through the songs Kein Alibi and Schwarzer Marktalso involved as a producer. The rapper Blokkmonsta also contributed the music to Monster . Undercover Molotov is responsible for the beats for The Last Judgment and The Imperator , High Hat for Halloween 2008 and 666 and Voodoo Beats for Durch den Nebel . In addition, two pieces were created through the collaboration with DJ Korx, with whom Basstard released the joint album Verdammt in 2007. This is plastic world and it's coming . The mastering of the songs Halloween 2008 , Through the fog, Plastikwelt and 666 was taken over by Beatzarre. [1]


The song Plastikwelt , one of the four new pieces from the album's re-release, was selected for marketing and implemented as a video. [2]


The cover artwork was designed by COG Graphix. In the booklet you can see several pictures of a girl who is posing in front of a fire backdrop and holding a bloody ax in her hands. The photo model is Laura T. The photographs were taken by Marcus J. Ranum. [1]



The website Hiphop-Jam.net awarded the album three and a half of a possible five rating points. 666 is stylistically classified as "gloomy, varied, history-heavy, cold, critical and in places callous". The background music includes "lots of synths and dark pianos", which is appropriate to the subject. Basstards and Kaisa's ways of performing have improved, but lag behind the content of the pieces. In summary, the evaluating editor describes 666 as an "atmospherically successful album that can be listened to, especially on rainy and dark days". [3]


666 was indexed at the end of November 2010 together with the album Das Omen by the Federal Testing Office for media harmful to minors. It was placed on List A, which means that it can no longer be sold or advertised to minors. [4] [5]

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