666: The Child - 666: The Child

666: The Child , also known as The Prophecy of 666 or El Niño , is a 2006 American film produced by film director of Hispanic descent, Jack Perez. It is based on the film La Profecía and on the novel by the Brazilian writer , Claudio Carvalho , who wrote it in Rio de Janeiro .


After a plane crash where a child is the only survivor, Erika Lawson, a journalist and television presenter, convinces her husband, cameraman Scott, to want to adopt a child. Erika and Scott remember for a long time that their wish is to adopt a child. Which will have the right to give the child a new home. It turns out that Donald is already an orphan and that he was adopted from an orphanage in San Francisco (California). They bring Donald home and Scott will entrust his father named Jake, to take care of Donald while the couple go out to work. However, a series of strange unexplained tragedies will ensue, culminating in the deaths of Jake, babysitter Lucy, and both strange phenomena originating from the Lawson family home. However, Lucy is convinced that the boy is the Antichrist and that she will become his follower. With Donald, they will bring more death and tragedy to the Lawson family.


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