Highway 67 - 67-es főút

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Main road 67 in Ungarn
Operator: Magyar Közút Kht.
Start of the street: Szigetvár
End of street: Balatonszemes
Overall length: 90 km

Counties ( Komitate ):

From Simonfai lookout tower - panoramio.jpg
The road near Simonfa (photo 2009)

67-es főút ( Hungarian for 'Main Street 67') is a Hungarian main street . In Szigetvár it branches off to the north from the 6-os főút and leads via Szentlászló to the county capital Kaposvár (German: Kopisch), where it crosses the 610-es főút and further north the 61-es főút that surrounds the city . The road, which continues northwards, runs through Mernye and Somogybabod and ends shortly after crossing the Autópálya M7 motorway ( European route 71 ) at 7-es főút inBalatonszemes am Balaton (Plattensee).

The total length of the road is 90 kilometers. [1]

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