68000s - 68000er


description deutsches Computermagazin
Verlag Markt & Technik Verlag (DE)
First edition 1986
attitude 1993
Frequency of publication per month
Article archive stcarchiv.de/stm1988
ISSN (Print)

68000er is a former computer magazine created in 1986 from a special series (4 issues, quarterly publication) of Happy Computer. Was named the magazine after the Motorola 68000 - processors , originally treated both the Atari ST - the Amiga - and the Apple Macintosh computer. From the middle of 1987 the magazine was discontinued and thematically divided into three new magazines - ST magazine , Amiga magazine and Macintosh magazine .

In 1986, Happy Computer published four 68000 special issues ; From the 01/1987 issue, the 68000 magazine was published monthly and independently by Markt & Technik Verlag with a striking silver-colored cover. From issue 04/1988 the magazine was renamed ST Magazin 68000'er for a short period and finally ST Magazin. This took account of the fact that the Amiga magazine of the Amiga, which had been published since mid-1987, as well as the Macintosh magazine, and thus the Apple Macintosh, were removed from this computer magazine and only reported on the Atari ST. Editor-in-chief of the magazine was Horst Brandl .