July 6, Cuellaje (Cotacachi) - 6 de Julio de Cuellaje (Cotacachi)

July 6, Cuellaje
Sub-national entity
Entity Geographical location and Parish of Ecuador
Country Ecuador Flag Ecuador

Seis de Julio de Cuellaje is a parish belonging to the canton of Cotacachi located in the Intag Zone .


July 6, Cuellaje is the proper name of the most recent parish of the Canton. It is very progressive and this is where the products of the subtropics and the climate are produced. It has a mild, warm temperature. Further northeast, in the Cordillera de Toisán there is a great biodiversity of native and endemic species that are threatened by extractive activities. The communities are focused on sustainable practices such as agriculture, tourism and livestock, being the main livelihoods for families since their settlement.


The Cuellaje parish is part of the rural parishes of the Subtropical sector (Intag). It is made up of the following communities: El Rosario, Napoles, San Antonio, San Joaquín, San Alberto, La Magdalena, La Loma and Playa Rica


It is bounded to the north by the Alto Tambo de Ibarra and Imantag Parish, to the south: by the ravine, La Despedida, La Paz and the Peñaherrera Parish, to the east by the Apuela and Imantag Parish and to the west by the Cordillera parish of Toizan, Province of Esmeraldas.

Its extension is 182.9 km² according to data from INEC 2000.



  • Cotacachi

Via Selva Alegre (SA): 84.4 Via Apuela: 71 Bus time 3 hours.

  • Ibarra

By Selva Alegre 114

  • Apuela

20 km.

  • Cuellaje to Peñaherrera

8 km.


  • Cuellage
  • The rosary
  • The hill
  • Naples
  • Rica Beach
  • St. Albert
  • Saint Joaquin