6th Royal Bavarian Jäger Battalion - 6. Königlich Bayerisches Jägerbataillon

Memorial for the 6th Jäger Battalion in Erlangen

The 6th Jäger Battalion was an association of the Bavarian Army . The battalion's last peacetime location before the regrouping was Erlangen .


The battalion was set up on January 1, 1851 from units and sub-units from the 2nd and 4th Jäger Battalion in Munich .

In the war against Prussia in 1866 the fighters of the 8th Brigade (Major General Cella) / 4. Division (Lieutenant General Ritter von Hartmann) and fought on June 4, 1866 near Roßdorf and on July 10, 1866 near Kissingen.

During the Franco-German War , the battalion took part in the battles near Weißenburg and Wörth . It was involved in the Battle of Châtillon . From September 30, 1870, the battalion was integrated in the siege ring around Paris .

The battalion was assigned to the 17th Infantry Regiment on October 1, 1878 .


Vorname, Name Commander of up
Major Maximilian Rosner 1851 to 1854
Lieutenant Colonel Karl Graf von Spreti 1854 to 1859
Lieutenant Colonel Hippolyt von Klenze 1859 to 1863
Lieutenant Colonel Albert Freiherr von Guttenberg 1863 to 1870
Major Wilhelm Caries 1870 to 1876
Major Franz Popp 1876 ​​to 1878


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