6th Motorized Rifle Division - 6. motorisierte Schützendivision

6th Motorized Rifle Division (6th MSD)

active October 30, 1956 to December 9, 1958
State Germany Democratic Republic 1949DDR German Democratic Republic
Armed forces National Peoples Army
Armed forces Land forces of the NVA
Branch of service Mechanized infantry
Type Mechanisierte Infanteriedivision
structure structure
Strength Should war:

Should peace: 6,950 [1]
Last: 6,355 [2]

Insinuation Military District V (Peace)

5th Army (war)

headquarters Prenzlau
equipment equipment
list of Commanders

The 6th Motorized Rifle Division (NVA) , or 6th MSD for short , was a large association of the National People's Army of the GDR .



The division was set up on April 30, 1956 from the KVP readiness Prenzlau of the barracked people's police (KVP) in the territorial administration north with headquarters in Pasewalk , and dissolved again in 1958. During the period of its existence has been from the Territorial Administration Northern Military District V .


The division was dissolved again in December 1958, with the lack of soldiers playing a role in addition to increasing economic problems. The other divisions were filled with the existing staff of the 6th MSD. The motorized rifle regiments (MSR) formed the basis for the formation of training regiments (ABR). The ABR was formed in the period from November 17th to 27th, 1958. The ABR-3 in Torgelow / Drögeheide was created from the MSR-13 , the ABR-5 in Prenzlau / Pinnow and the MSR from the MSR-11 -12 the ABR-7 in Eilenburg / Spremberg. The ABR-7 was subordinated to Military District III, the other two remained with Military District V. [3] [4]


Their structure largely corresponded to that of the motorized rifle divisions of the Soviet Army . In contrast to these, the NVA divisions had no combat helicopters and fewer battle tanks . [5]


  • Motorized Rifle Regiment 11
  • Motorized Rifle Regiment 12
  • Motorized Rifle Regiment 13
  • 6th Panzer Regiment
  • Artillerieregiment 6
  • Flak-Regiment 6
  • Reconnaissance Battalion 6
  • Engineer Battalion 6
  • News Battalion 6
  • Lehrbataillon 6
  • Motor vehicle school 6


The division was equipped with T-34 and IS-2 tanks and the floating tank PT-76 when it was set up .

It used BTR-152 as an infantry fighting vehicle .

The actual inventory on May 17, 1957 comprised:

  • 171 T-34
  • 24 IS-2
  • 15 PT-76
  • 226 BTR-152
  • 245 guns and missile launchers


Rank at that time Name Period
Oberst Willi Riedel October 30, 1956 - December 31, 1957
Oberst Werner Kruger January 1, 1958 - December 9, 1958



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