6! Bet - the knowledge duel big versus small - 6! Setzen – Das Wissensduell Groß gegen Klein

Television broadcast
Original title 6! Bet - the knowledge duel big versus small
Country of production Germany
year 2007
i&u TV
Long 150 minutes
Genre Entertainment broadcast
Moderation Günther Jauch
First broadcast September 15, 2007 on RTL

6! Put - the knowledge duel big versus small is an entertainment show in RTL's program , which premiered on September 15, 2007 at 8:15 pm. After the surprise success over the good ratings , further issues are now being produced in loose succession. It is moderated by Günther Jauch .


Here, six children aged nine and ten, who have just finished elementary school with super grades, play a knowledge duel against 600 adults in the studio. The celebrity guests also have to step forward and prove themselves in a duel when Günther Jauch calls them to the table.

The children play for their schools, e.g. B. for the new coat of paint of the classroom or for the next school trip. The prominent surprise guests also play for a good cause, while the audience candidates compete for themselves.

Game play

The questions come from various subjects according to the timetable (from Monday to Friday with five lessons each) from the primary school . The game starts on Monday with the first hour. A child competes against a celebrity or an audience candidate. Both must respond in writing to the teacher (moderator )’s question. If both of you answer correctly, you will both 2,500.00 will be credited to your team account. If only one of them answers correctly, he will even be credited with € 5,000.00, for the other it is unfortunately “6! Put". That means that he has to sit down again and his previous earnings can be saved with just one condition, in that at least half of his team have given the correct answer. Otherwise, the money that the last candidate on his team earned is lost.

The candidates of a team play until one of them answers incorrectly, at the latest when the next day begins on the timetable. The background is that if possible everyone (from the children's and celebrity team) can appear at least once.


If a candidate does not know what to do next, he can write off a member of his team who he may choose, but does not know beforehand whether his answer is right or wrong. So the chosen one’s answer is adopted for him.

Previous colleagues

1st edition

...am 15. September 2007:

The celebrities:

Your winnings: € 25,000.00

The children:

  • Sarah Einmold
  • Amina the Baz
  • Leonie Fast
  • Miká Flunkert
  • Konstantin Skudler
  • Steven Zepmeusel

Your winnings: € 45,000.00

2nd edition

... on November 24, 2007:

The celebrities:

Your winnings: € 45,000.00

The children:

  • Giuseppe Bartoli
  • Taale Frese
  • Anna-Lena Glaab
  • Maria Herick
  • Simon Thel
  • Sebastian Wilczek

Your winnings: € 65,000.00

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