6 Tracks - 6 Tracks

6 Tracks
EP by Enya
Publication May 25, 1989 (First published)
May 25, 1998 (Second publication)
Recording 1987 - 1989
Genders) New Age
Format CD, CS, LP
Duration 23:51
Record label WEA
Producer (s) Nicky Ryan
Chronology of
'6 Tracks'
3 Tracks EP
Simple of 6 Tracks
  1. Silent Night

6 Tracks is Enya's first albumin EP compilation formatreleased on May 25, 1989 by the record company WEA, a division of Warner Music . The release of the album was due to the success obtained with Watermark the previous year, and especially with the theme Orinoco Flow , which they wanted to revive again, a theme that set the musical scheme that all their subsequent works would follow, this being the opening theme of the disk. On May 25, 1998, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the album and the single, the EP was republished with the same songs with no major difference than the original edition.

List of topics

N Topic Duration
1. "Orinoco Flow" 4:25
2. "Evening Falls..." 3:49
3. "Out Of The Blue"[1] 3:12
4. "Morning Glory" 2:28
5. "" Smaoitím ... " (by Hugh and Mary Duggan) " [ 2 ] 6:08
6. " Silent Night " 3:46


  1. This theme is the extended version of the melody Portrait released on the album Enya which was renamed Portrait (Out Of The Blue) in 1992 on the album The Celts with the same duration
  2. Later it was included it was included in the album Shepherd Moons like Smaointe ...