6th Air Division (Japan) - 6.ª División Aérea (Japón)

The 6th Air Division (第六 飛行 師 団, Dai 6 Hikō Shidan ) was a land aviation force of the Imperial Japanese Army . It was formed on November 25, 1942, as part of the Japanese Army of Area VIII . He was incorporated into the 4th Air Force based in Rabaul in June 1943.

The division moved its headquarters to Wewak on July 9, 1943. After being reduced in men and aircraft due to Allied air raids and bombing missions by May 31, 1944, the division was disbanded in August in Hollandia. .



  • 11.º Hikō Sentai (1943)
  • 68.º Hikō Sentai (1943)
  • 78.º Hikō Sentai (1943)
  • 13.º Hikō Sentai (1943)
  • 24.º Hikō Sentai (1943)


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