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Period of activity 2003 - ?
Website http://www.6pm.es
Raúl Mon, Iván Oubiña

6PM is a Galician musical group formed in 2003 by Raúl Mon and Iván Oubiña. The style they make uses a base of electronic music to which various conventional rock instruments are added , approaching what was called indietronics . Within the group Raúl Mon is in charge of the voice, guitar, keyboards and winds and Iván Oubiña of the voice, drums, programming, bass and accordion.


He was born when they coincided in the city of Santiago de Compostela for study reasons, and they decided to start collaborating. After a first demo, they gave birth to their second work, Travel Card , which began to move on the Internet and in various competitions, with relative success and very good reviews. Thus, they were semifinalists in the 2006 Demo Project (a contest organized by Radio 3 and FIB Heineken), a fact that catapulted them to popularity and led them to record their first LP Far From Perfect , commercially released on CD at the end of 2006.. The new work includes a good part of the old ones. The good reviews continue, pointing to them as one of the groups revelation of the music scene in Spain . The album is chosen as the best Galician album of the year by the readers of Sono-Tone magazine . [ 1 ] The increase in their popularity makes them begin to be called to various festivals such as the Festival do Norte ( 2006 ), Artenativa or Primavera Sound ( 2007 ). [ 2 ]

In 2007 they also participated in the collective album in tribute to Andrés do Barro , Manifesto Dobarrista .

In 2009 , they self-released their second EP under the name of Tape Worms EP , in which they would introduce more experimentation and a version of the song Down the Line , by José González .

His style may recall the indietronics duo The Postal Service (formed the same year), in their most pop scene. However, 6PM has significant influences from groups like Radiohead .


  • Travel Card EP - 2005
  • Far From Perfect - 2006 (Junk Records)
  • Tape Worms EP - 2009 (In Silence Recordings)

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