Deutz F4L 514/7 - BLS Fb 5/7

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F4L 514/7
Manufacturer: Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz
Production period: 1957–1965
Engines: 4-cylinder diesel engine
5322 cm³
65 HP
Long: 3900 mm
Width: 2025 mm
Height: 1940 mm
Wheelbase: 2440 mm
Top speed: 32 km / h [1]
30 km / h
Empty weight: 3025 kg
Previous model: F4L 514/54
Successor: none

The Deutz F4L 514/7 was a tractor that Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz produced from 1957 to 1965. It replaced the F4L 514/54 , which had been produced since 1952, and was the largest tractor in the manufacturer's sales program until the D 80 was introduced in 1964. [2] In the type designation the essential engine parameters be specified: F ahrzeugmotor with 4 cylinder locks and L üftkühlung series 5 with a piston stroke of 14 cm. The actual model number is given after the slash.

Compared to its predecessor, the performance of the air-cooled four-cylinder diesel engine has been increased by 5 hp to 65 hp. The displacement remained unchanged at 5322 cm³. As standard, the tractor reached 30 km / h in top gear, and in the high gear variant it could be accelerated to 32 km / h. Just like its predecessor, it was delivered with a ZF-A-26 transmission with five forward and two reverse gears and, optionally, two additional creep gears . Upon request, the tractor was ex works with a front loaderavailable. In addition, it was possible to install a so-called Deutz transferer. It was a wheel pressure booster that increased the wheel load on the rear axle by lifting the devices attached to the rear and thus counteracted the spinning of the wheels during heavy pulling tasks. [2]


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