7 meter class of the DGzRS - 7-Meter-Klasse der DGzRS

7 m class
Perch 20120826 Wustrow.JPG
Ship data
flag GermanyGermany Germany
Ship type Lifeboat
home port Bremen
Owner DGzRS
Shipyard Fassmer
Ship dimensions and crew
7,0 m (Lüa)
width 2,5 m
Draft max. 0,5 m
displacement 3,5 t
crew 2
Machine system
machine Diesel
295 PS (217 kW)
24 kn (44 km/h)

The 7-meter class includes four lifeboats (SRB) of the German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked People (DGzRS). These were built in 1993 at the Fassmer shipyard in Berne . It is characterized by jet propulsion and the ability to bring you into the water on the beach. They are also known as lagoon boats .


For use at the DGzRS stations in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania , a class of ship has been developed that can be used both in the Baltic Sea and in the Bodden waters . Since some rescue stations there do not have a port on the Baltic Sea, the lifeboat has to be brought into the water via the beach . For this purpose, the ships have a shallow draft and the option of bringing them to the scene of action with a trailer .

The boats correspond to the tried and tested construction principles of the DGzRS lifeboats. They are made of seawater-resistant aluminum as a self- righting device, can be used in all weather conditions, are highly seaworthy and can also cope with violent ground shocks and contact. The almost 300 hp, propellerless water jet drive gives the boats high speed and maneuverability.

The boats are equipped with searchlights, a towing hook, a surrounding fender system , a rescue platform at the stern, mobile bilge pumps, medical and fire-fighting equipment as well as radio and navigation technology. The jet drive is driven by a diesel engine (Steyr MO 306 H 43 WJ, 215 kW / 292 PS, Hamilton-Jet). The range is approx. 130 nautical miles at the top speed of 24 knots. [1]

At their stations in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the boats are stored on a trailer. In the event of an emergency, the trailer is pulled to the location by boat with a tractor. Modified Unimog U 2150 L tractors ( Zingst and Wustrow stations ) and, since 2010, a John Deere 7730 tractor ( Zinnowitz station ) are used for this purpose. The towing vehicle and trailer drive into the water until the boat floats up. For picking up, the boat drives onto the beach at high speed, is then turned with the help of a winch and pulled onto the trailer.

All four ships were baptized in the name of Fischen on April 14, 1993 and stationed in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

The Flounder was relocated to Maasholm in 2011 . There the boat was in the water even outside of operations and no longer needed a trailer. In 2012 it was renamed Wuppertal to honor the extraordinary commitment of a private donation initiative from this city. After being taken out of service, it has been on display in Kühlungsborn since April 2018. [2]

Like all DGzRS lifeboats, these boats are manned and driven by volunteers within a few minutes.

The boats

Name Bauname Callsign Construction year Shipyard ( number ) deployment
Hecht SRB-T 1 DH3783 1993 Fassmer (1306) since April 14, 1993 Zinnowitz
Zander SRB-T 2 DH3782 1993 Fassmer (1307) since April 14, 1993 Zingst
perch SRB-T 3 DH3784 1993 Fassmer (1308) since April 14, 1993 Wustrow
ex Butt
SRB-T 4 DH3785 1993 Fassmer (1309) from April 14, 1993 Kühlungsborn ,
from May 2002 Zinnowitz,
from the beginning of 2011 Maasholm,
February 2018 out of service [2]




Individual evidence

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