7 lakes hike - 7-Seen-Wanderung

Logo of the 7 lakes hike

The 7-lake hike is a major annual hiking event with the main town of Markkleeberg south of Leipzig . On the first weekend in May, several thousand hikers set out on hiking routes of various lengths in the Leipziger Neuseenland and beyond.

Route on Lake Cospuden

The name comes from the longest route, which touches seven lakes on its 107 kilometers for around 24 hours: the Waldsee Lauer , the Cospudener See , the Zwenkauer See , the reservoir Rötha , the Bockwitzer See , the Störmthaler See and the Markkleeberger See .


The total of 66 routes offered (as of 2017) are divided into four groups: hiking routes (28), guided tours (21), children's tours (13) and health hikes (4).

The pure hiking trails with distances between 11 and 107 kilometers (on average 39 km) are covered by hikers after starting together without a guide according to the route description and map on marked trails. There are control and refreshment points along the way. There are 14 checkpoints on the 107 km tour. Eleven tours are circular routes with start and finish in the same place. In addition to Markkleeberg, the routes with different start and finish include ten other locations as start or finish. On some of these routes, an inexpensive bus shuttle back to the starting point is offered. Apart from the longest tours, which take up the night anyway, there are also moonlight, midnight and sunrise tours.

The guided tours with distances between 4 and 21 kilometers are dedicated to special topics of the area, such as still active lignite mining , architecture , geology or organs . Some of these tours also include the area north of Leipzig.

Children's and family hikes (3–6 km) explain nature and the environment in a child-friendly manner and sometimes also include animals in the hikes. Their motto is "Wilderness - Riddles - Adventure". [1] Meditation and Qigong also play a role in the health tours .


Participation must be registered in advance. The tour starts are between Friday afternoon and Sunday. The prices for participation are between 2 and 29 euros, depending on the route. The following service is offered for this purpose: booklet with route map, 7-lake button, route marking, food on the route and at the finish, issuing of certificates, medical care and reflective tape for hikes in the dark. [2]

The organizers of the 7-lake hike are Sportfreunde Neuseenland eV, the tourism association Leipziger Neuseenland eV and the city administration of Markkleeberg. During the event, several hundred volunteers take on tasks such as setting up and dismantling the start zone, marking the route, handing out the starting documents and certificates at the finish, as well as at checkpoints and refreshment points.


The history of the 7-lake hike began in 2004 with three routes over 100 km, 50 km and 10 km, [3] for which 180 participants were found. [4] In 2011, the 7-lakes hike formed the core of the 3rd Saxon Hiking Day, which took place in Markkleeberg. Over the years, the number of routes offered and the number of participants grew. In 2017, 6,180 registrations were received. [4]


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