70. Infantry-Division (Wehrmacht) - 70. Infanterie-Division (Wehrmacht)

The 70th Infantry Division was a German infantry division during World War II . On August 1, 1944, the 165th Reserve Division was renamed the 70th Infantry Division. The staff of the 165th Division had been on the Dutch island of Walcheren since January 4, 1944 and had previously been in occupied France for a long timebeen stationed. This staff formed the staff of the native 70th Infantry Division. The grenadier regiments consisted of six backup battalions (M), whose crews were all soldiers with stomach problems. These backup battalions were formed in February 1944 from soldiers with stomach ailments, which is why the division was also known as the "stomach division" or "white bread division". On November 17, 1944, their commander, Lieutenant General Wilhelm J. Daser, capitulated to Canadian troops on the island of Walcheren. [1] The division went into Canadian captivity .


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