War memorial 1870/71 (Hamburg-Rotherbaum) - Kriegerdenkmal 1870/71 (Hamburg-Rotherbaum)

War memorial 1870/71

The war memorial 1870/71 is a memorial in Hamburg -Rotherbaum .

The war memorial created by Johannes Schilling was erected on October 18, 1877 in honor of the Infantry Regiment (2nd Hanseatic) No. 76 in the Esplanade at Stephansplatz . It is intended to commemorate the soldiers who fell in the regiment in the Franco-German War of 1870/71.

In 1926 the sculpture was moved to the "Fontenay" not far from the Fontenay monument on the corner of the Alster and Fontenay / Alsterufer in Hamburg-Rotherbaum.

The monument complex is framed by balustrades and benches. In the center is a group of figures made of bronze on a bronze base and a red-brown marble base.

The sculpture depicts a collapsed horse with a dying rider, an angel kissing the rider's forehead and holding a laurel wreath over him, and two other lifeless soldiers.

The inscription on a bronze plaque in the base reads: “THE BRAVE SOEHNEN THE GRATEFUL FATHER CITY. 1870-1871. ". The names of the fallen are listed on other bronze plaques. On the narrow sides between the bronze plaques are the names of the places of the battles and their dates ( Metz September 4, September 9, 1870 , Toul September 13, 1870 , Paris October 22, 1870 , Loigny December 2, 1870 , Meung December 7, 1870 , Beaugency and Cravant 9/8/10 December 1870 , Freteval 14 December 1870 and Le Mans 10/11/12 January 1871 ) carved and painted in gold.


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Coordinates: 53 ° 33'53.7 " N , 9 ° 59'56.4" E

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