71st Mixed Brigade (People's Army of the Republic) - 71.ª Brigada Mixta (Ejército Popular de la República)

71st Mixed Brigade
Active 1937-1939
country Spain
Fidelity Spanish flag Spanish Republic
Rama/s Red star.svg Regular People's Army
Type Infantry
Size Brigade
Wars and battles
Spanish Civil War

The 71st Mixed Brigade was a unit of the Popular Army of the Republic that participated in the Spanish Civil War . During most of the war it was deployed on the Guadalajara front, where it played a not very active role.


The unit was born in January 1937 from the militarization of the "Espartaco", "Apoyo" or "Alicante Rojo" militia battalions, constituting in its place the 71st Mixed Brigade. The unit was framed in the 12th Division [ 1 ] [ 2 ] and sent to the sector Torija in front of Guadalajara. At the beginning of March, after the CTV attack in this area, the 71st BM fully intervened in the Battle of Guadalajara ; before the enemy push, on March 8 his battalion "Alicante Rojo" had to withdraw up to km. 103 of the N-II highway. During those battles the brigade suffered heavy losses - the 281st and 282nd battalions accounted for more than 600 casualties. [ n. 1 ]

After the fighting the unit was withdrawn to Madrid to undergo a reorganization. It was briefly added to the 11th and 17th Divisions , [ 4 ] although it would return to the 12th Division. The 71st Mixed Brigade remained for the rest of the war at the Guadalajara front, dissolving itself on March 27, 1939.


The brigade edited a publication, Alicante Rojo , [ 5 ] directed by Juan Francisco Alted.


Major State Boss
  • Militia Captain José M. Navarro Abad;

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  1. Among these casualties, the chief of the 281st battalion and the chief of his 4th company, the militia captain Agustín Batré González, both deceased. [ 3 ]



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