72nd Mixed Brigade (People's Army of the Republic) - 72.ª Brigada Mixta (Ejército Popular de la República)

72nd Mixed Brigade
Active January 1937 - January 1939
country Spain
Fidelity Spanish flag Spanish Republic
Rama/s Red star.svg Regular People's Army
Type Infantry
Size Mixed Brigade
High command

Notable commanders
Jesús Valdés Oroz
Antonio Beltrán Casaña
Wars and battles
Spanish Civil War :
Battle of Guadalajara , Battle of Sabiñánigo , Withdrawal of Aragon , Bielsa Stock Exchange , Battle of the Ebro , Campaign of Catalonia

The 72nd Mixed Brigade was one of the Mixed Brigades created by the Popular Army of the Republic for the defense of the Second Spanish Republic during the Spanish Civil War . He was present in the Guadalajara Front , in the Huesca Front and in the Battle of the Ebro .


The Aragonese Militias, created in August 1936, were formed in January 1937 on the Guadalajara front, when the Aragonese Militias became militarized in the Cifuentes sector , whose battalions "Aragón" "Marlasca", "Alto Aragón" and "Zaragoza" were renamed 285 .º, 286º, 287º and 288º, respectively. The Infantry Commander Jesús Valdés Oroz was appointed to the leadership of the Brigade . [ 1 ] The commissioner was José Ignacio Mantecón Navasal and the chief of staff, the captain of the militias, Ernesto García Sánchez . The brigade was assigned to Colonel Lacalle's 12th Division , along with the 48th Mixed Brigades., 49.ª , 50.ª y 71.ª .

It participated in the Battle of Guadalajara , integrated in the 14th Division of Cipriano Mera , distinguishing itself in the capture of Masegoso (March 20). In June 1937 , already under the command of the infantry commander Ángel Ramírez Rull , she was sent to the Huesca front and assigned to the 43rd Division together with the 102nd and 130th Mixed Brigades . In September 1937 the greatest of militias Antonio Beltrán Casaña assumed the leadership . After the Francoist Offensive of Aragon took place in March 1938, the brigade was surrounded in the Bielsa Stock Exchange, where he managed to resist together with the rest of the Division until June. [ 2 ] He managed to escape to France and return through the Catalan border.

It was reorganized in Gerona, under the command of the militia major Vicente Amaro Cuervo García and participated in the Battle of the Ebro . At the beginning of 1939 it remained stationed in Tarragona and Barcelona , before crossing the French border at Portbou at the end of January. [ 3 ]

Its organ of communication was the magazine “Vida Nueva” from February 1937 (No. 12), published until then by the Aragonese Militias . [ 4 ]


Commanders in chief

During the entire war in command of the Brigade they followed one another:


As Commissioners of the Brigade acted:

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