75 mm field gun Type 31 - 75-mm-Feldgeschütz Typ 31

75 mm field gun Type 31

General Information
Military designation: Thirty-one year wild artillery
Manufacturer country: Japanese EmpireJapanese Empire Japan
Developer / Manufacturer: Arisaka Nariakira
Development year: 1898
Quantity: that. 620
Weapon Category: gun
Technical specifications
Pipe length: 2200 mm (L29.3)
Caliber :

7,5 cm

Cadence : 2-3 rounds / min
Höhenrichtbereich: −5 ° to +28 degrees

The 75 mm field gun Type 31 ( Japanese 三十 一年 式 野砲, Sanjūichinen-shiki yahō ) was a Japanese field gun that was used by the Imperial Japanese Army in the Russo-Japanese War , World War I , and Sino-Japanese War , was used in the Soviet-Japanese Border War and World War II .


The 75mm Type 31 field gun was designed by Lieutenant General Arisaka Nariakira in 1898 . Type 31 refers to the year of origin, which was the 31st year of the reign of Emperor Meiji . The gun was manufactured in the Osaka arsenal and was the standard gun used by the Japanese army in the Russo-Japanese War alongside the 75 mm Type 31 mountain gun . It was used by the Imperial Guard , the 1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th and 6th Divisions . [1] Every divisionwas assigned to an artillery regiment . This consisted of two battalions , each with three batteries , each with six guns, i.e. 36 guns per regiment . [2]

The Type 31 remained in service until the end of World War II . [3]


The 75 mm Type 31 field gun was fitted with a semi-rigid barrel return mechanism with cables connected to springs. The gun barrel was made of steel and fired low-smoke 6 kg high explosive or shrapnel shells. The effective range was approx. 7700 meters. [4]

Technical specifications

Parameter Data
Pipe length 2200 mm (L/29,3)
caliber 75 mm
Mass in firing position 908 kg
Tube elevation −5 ° to + 28 °
Swivel range
Muzzle velocity V 0 488 m/s
Bullet mass 6 kg
Max. Range of fire 7.750 m
practical rate of fire 2-3 rounds / min.




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