780 kilos of sauce - 780 kilos de salsa

780 kilos of sauce
The Latin Dimension Album
Publication 1977
Genders) Salsa
Record label Top Hits
Producer (s) Victor Mendoza
Chronology of The Latin Dimension
The generals of salsa
( 1977 )
780 kilos of sauce Tremendous Dimension
( 1978 )

780 kilos of salsa or Dimensión Latina 78 is the tenth album by the Venezuelan group Dimensión Latina . It was released in 1977 by the Top Hits labelin full-length vinyl at 33⅓ RPM. It was the second album of the Latin Dimension with the Puerto Rican singer Andy Montañez and the ex-soloist of Los Satélites , Rodrigo Mendoza.. "I would like to know" in the voice of Andy and Cielo Tenebroso interpreted by Rodrigo & Wladimir were heard on the radio. In this production the Latin Dimension tried to find a more creole sound by interpreting songs with a marked influence of Venezuelan folklore, Example Of It " Our land"

The title of the album refers to the weight of the band when adding the weights of each of its members, which appeared on the cover of the original LP version .


Side A

  1. How I Sing (4:01) Sing: Andy
  2. How happy (3:23) Sing: Wladimir and Andy
  3. To pass a chicken (4:04) Sing: Rodrigo
  4. Our Land (4:09) Sing: Andy

B side

  1. Potpurri de danzones (2:31) Sing: Wladimir (El dulcero, A la loma de Belén, Son de la loma, Bururu Barara, Antonio's wife, The one who sows his corn)
  2. I would like to know (3:19) Sing: Andy
  3. Dark Sky (5:22) Sing: Wladimir and Rodrigo
  4. My bombolaye (3:42) Sing: Andy
  5. Although time (3:05) Sings: Rodrigo

Credits (alphabetical)


  • Andy Montañez: Voice
  • Carlos Guerra: 1st trombone
  • César Monje: 2nd trombone
  • Elio Pacheco: Congas
  • Gustavo Carmona: Bass
  • Jesús Narváez: Piano
  • José Rodríguez: Timbales , bongo
  • José Rojas: 3. er trombone
  • Rodrigo Mendoza: Voice, maracas
  • Wladimir Lozano: Voice


  • Arrangements and musical direction: César Monge
  • Recorded at Estudio Fidelis ( Caracas )
  • Sound engineers: Francisco González, Antonio J. González
  • Art and photography: Carlos Beltrán
  • Photographs taken in concert at the Poliedro de Caracas on October 17 , 1977