Football league 1978/79 - Vierschanzentournee 1978/79

Oberliga 1978/79
Geographical division of the major leagues for the 1978/79 season
Oberliga 1977/78
2. Bundesliga 1978/79
16 association and national leagues of
the national associations with
a total of 21 relays ↓

The 1978/79 season of the Oberliga was the fifth season of the Oberliga as the third highest division in football in Germany after the introduction of the two-track - later single-track - 2nd Bundesliga for the 1974/75 season.


After the Oberliga Nord and Oberliga Berlin had already been introduced as the third highest division in the 1974/75 season, six more amateur leagues followed for the 1978/79 season :

Major Leagues

Promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga

In addition to the seven direct promoters, the runner-up of the Oberliga Nord , OSC Bremerhaven , and the champion of the Oberliga Berlin , Hertha Zehlendorf , played two playoffs to determine the eighth promoted to the 2nd Bundesliga .

The Zehlendorfer won the first leg on their own place 5: 4, while Bremerhaven won the second leg 1: 0. Due to the away goal rule , Bremerhaven secured the eighth promotion place.

total First leg Return leg
Hertha Zehlendorf (a)5:5(a) OSC Bremerhaven 5:4 0:1