24/7 (Album) - 24/7 (Album)

Studio album by Die Sterne


February 26, 2010

Label(s) Materie Records

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Hamburg School

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The stars, Gregor Hennig , Mathias "Munk" Modica

The Rift (EP)

24/7 is the ninth music album by the Hamburg band Die Sterne . It was released on February 26, 2010 by the Materie Records label. [1] Richard von der Schulenburg got out of the band before the album was completed in 2009 because of different musical ideas. [2]

The music differs significantly from the band's previous releases. It is much more electronic and is characterized above all by disco beats, which have given way to the previous style of funk, soul and rock.

Track list

  1. Life in Quiz – 4:46
  2. Depression from Hell - 3:58
  3. Your plans - 5:43
  4. After solid comes loose - 5:40
  5. Like a pig - 5:33
  6. Password - 3:07
  7. Give me the strength - 4:23
  8. City of the Rich - 5:52
  9. Convenience Shop – 5:01
  10. Foggy Lights - 6:26

Limited Edition Bonus

  1. Heaven - 7:01
  2. Lucky - 2:33

Track information

All texts were written by Frank Spilker. The music was written by the whole band and Mathias Modica . The former band member Richard von der Schulenburg was also involved in the creation of three songs ( Convenience Shop , Wie ein Schwein und Gib mir die Kraft ). [3]


In 2009 the EP Der Riss was released, which is a preview of this album, as it only contains tracks that can be heard on 24/7 . In addition to the normal album, a limited edition with two bonus tracks was released. Singles were not decoupled.


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The musical reorientation of the band was largely positively received by critics. Manuel Czauderna from the music magazine Intro wrote: "The hit density of the 3-song appetizer" Der Riss "had raised expectations for the album dangerously high. And now? Again: hits, hits, hits! Twelve in a row. Perhaps her best album since "Posen". ” [5] Czauderna saw 24/7 as a consistent further development of the music of the stars.

Thomas Pilgrim from Plattentests.de was of the same opinion : "In a way," 24/7 "is even less of an alienation than a consistent continuation of the usual style with varied means, especially since central elements remain unchanged:" Wie ein Schwein "cites at the beginning Friday on My Mind from Easybeats once again a pop classic, "Gib mir die Kraft" dances a punchy spacerock boogie. ” [2] Both Pilgrim and the readers of Plattentests.de rated the album with 8 out of 10 points. [2]

Mathias Denecke from laut.de also thought the album was a success: “The stars' new listening material has been stripped of its text and stretched with electric organs, thus ensuring the optimum ratio. The new outfit looks good on the stars. The new record is also a bit funky. ” [6] 24/7 was described as modern and very worth listening to and received 4 out of 5 points. [6]


In addition to the band, several guest musicians took part in the recordings for the album. [1]


  • Frank Spilker: vocals, guitar, electronic organ, percussion
  • Thomas Wenzel: bass, guitar, keyboard, percussion, ukulele, vocals
  • Christoph Leich: drums, percussion

More musicians

  • Richard von der Schulenburg: piano, electronic organ
  • Mathias "Munk" Modica: keyboard, drums
  • Andreas Fröhling: drums, percussion
  • Gregor Hennig: Percussion
  • Taco van Hettinga: Klavier
  • Linn Spilker: Singing

Documentary "Stars"

During the process of creating the new album, Frank Wierke accompanied the band for a year and shot a documentary called Stars . Among other things, the musical reorientation of the band and conflicts within the band that led to Richard von der Schulenburg's leaving the band are discussed. The film premiered on November 3, 2010 at the Duisburg Film Week , and on the same evening it was broadcast for the first time on 3sat . [7]

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