7 days without them - 7 días sin ellas

7 days without them was a television program of Spain produced by Big Bang Media and broadcast by La 1 between 29 July and 2 of September of 2019 . [ 1 ] The docu-reality was the adaptation of the British format The week the women went [ 2 ] and its objective was to raise awareness about the importance of equality between the sexes.


7 days without them shows the evolution of a group of men who assume family, work and community responsibilities for a week while women are absent. The format takes place both in the place of origin, where the influence of routine on men and their points of view can be verified, as well as in the one where the holiday complex where the women are installed is located so that they can disconnect from your usual obligations. It should be noted that these do not have a mobile phone. [ 3 ]