March 7 - 7 de Março

March 7
Class Schooner
Destination February 9, 1827, destroyed

The Schooner 7 de Março was a ship at the service of the Navy of the Brazilian Empire during the war with the Argentine Republic .


The 7 Março was assigned to the Third Division that commanded by Jacinto Roque de Sena Pereira should operate on the Uruguay River .

In the Battle of Juncal fought on February 8 and 9, 1827, the Argentine squad under the command of Guillermo Brown destroyed the Imperial Third Division.

Battle of Juncal.

Of the Third Division they only remained in operation fleeing north upstream of Uruguay under the command of Lt. Germano Máximo de Souza Aranha , the schooners 7 from Março, Itapoã , Liberdade do Sul , 9 from Janeiro and 7 September , the Cananéia and Paranaguá gunboats , a 12-row boat and two smaller boats.

In the retreat, the 7 of Março , Liberdade do Sul and Itapoã damaged by the combat, were stranded in a place called San Salvador and set on fire. The rest of the vessels were captured in Gualeguaychú , Province of Entre Ríos .

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