7th German Bundestag - 7. Deutscher Bundestag

The 7th German Bundestag existed between December 13, 1972 [1] and December 14, 1976. [2] In total, the 7th German Bundestag met in 259 sessions, with the last meeting on December 8, 1976. [3] The 7th Bundestag was constituted by the 1972 Bundestag election , which took place on November 19, 1972.

The senior president was Ludwig Erhard from the CDU ( former Federal Chancellor).

On December 14, 1972, the 7th Bundestag elected Willy Brandt ( SPD ) with 269 (+13) yes-votes, 223 (+9) no-votes, and 1 invalid vote in the first ballot for Federal Chancellor . [4] After his resignation on May 6, 1974, Helmut Schmidt (SPD) voted on 16 May 1974 his successor.

Members of the Bundestag

Parliamentary groups in the plenary session of the 7th parliamentary term
(until December 14, 1976)

A total of 518 seats

At the beginning and at the end of the legislative period, the 7th Bundestag had a total of 496 members (+22 Berlin members of the Bundestag ). The highest seat share had the SPD with 230 (+12) seats (End: 240), followed by the CDU / CSU followed with 225 (+9) seats. In addition, the FDP (41 + 1 seats) was represented in the 7th Bundestag . Due to the resignation of MPs, there were at times a total of 2 non-attached MPs .

Presidium of the Bundestag

Annemarie Renger was re-elected President of the Bundestag in the first session with 438 votes in favor, 45 against and 30 abstentions.



A total of 670 legislative initiatives were introduced in the Bundestag, of which 461 are based on government proposals, 73 on initiatives by the Bundesrat and 136 on initiatives by the Bundestag. A total of 516 laws were passed by the Bundestag during the 7th legislative period and 506 laws were promulgated.


The 7th Bundestag had 19 standing committees.

Parliamentary control

Inquiries, current hours and surveys

In total, there were 24 major inquiries and 480 minor inquiries during the legislative period of the 7th Bundestag . There were also 20 current hours and 168 question hours .

Committees of inquiry

During the legislative period of the 7th Bundestag there were two committees of inquiry .

1. Committee of Inquiry

On June 15, 1973, the 1st Committee of Inquiry, also known as the “ Steiner / Wienand Committee of Inquiry”, was set up. Between June 15, 1973 and March 27, 1974, 51 meetings were held. [5]

2. Committee of Inquiry

On June 6, 1974, the 2nd Committee of Inquiry, also known as the " Guillaume Committee of Inquiry ", was set up. Between June 12, 1974 and January 31, 1975, 29 meetings were held. [6]

Special sessions

There were two special sessions during the 7th electoral term, the 93rd session on April 2, 1974 and the 183rd session on July 25, 1975.

Individual evidence

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