7 Dates - 7 Fechas

7 Dates
Type Graphic magazine
country Spain
Headquarters Madrid
Foundation 1949
End of publication 1977
Language español
ISSN 9968-7089 and 2487-2598

7 Dates was a graphic magazine, with a weekly circulation, published in Spain between 1949 and 1977. Belonging to the so-called “Movimiento” Press , it would eventually be distributed abroad for Spanish emigrants. [ 1 ]


Founded by Lucio del Álamo Urrutia —who would also be its first director—, [ 2 ] the magazine was born in 1949 as a graphic weekly published by the National Press and Radio Delegation of FET and de las JONS . [ 3 ] [ 4 ] initially had its drafting and workshops in Madrid Larra Street, next to the newspaper Arriba . [ 3 ] Later he moved to 142 avenida del Generalísimo .

In its early years, it was a publication with light content, although as of 1966 it began to introduce political content to a lesser extent - even receiving sanctions for certain articles. [ 3 ] He edited special supplements dedicated to the spring, summer, fall and Christmas seasons, with thematic reports.

Outside of Spain, the magazine had an edition for Germany , [ 4 ] intended for the Spanish emigrants who were there. [ 5 ] Subscriptions were provided by the Spanish Institute of Emigration (IEE). [ 5 ] Over time 7 Dates would come to occupy the space of the Falangist magazine Fotos , [ 6 ] disappeared in the 1960s

Since 1975 the General Secretariat of the «Movement» stopped publishing the national edition of 7 Dates , and the following year the magazine —which was only publishing the international edition— was left in charge of the Spanish Institute of Emigration after signing a contract with the National Delegation Press and Radio. [ 7 ] It continued to be published until its final disappearance in 1977. [ 6 ] By that time it had an average circulation of 25,000 copies. [ 8 ]

Among his collaborators include, among others, Lucio of the Poplar Urrutia, Antonio Valencia Remon , [ 9 ] Antonio Fraguas , Angel Menéndez Menéndez or July Trenas .