7th Festival of Political Song - 7. Festival des politischen Liedes

7th Festival of
Political Song
Live album of various performers
Publication 1977[1]
Recording 1977 February
Genders) Protest song
Record label Flag of germany Amiga[2]
Catalogue 8 45 131[2]
6th Festival of Political Song
7th Festival of Political Song
8th Festival of Political Song

7. Festival des politischen Liedes is a live album of protest song performed by artists of various nationalities, recorded in February 1977 in the context of the seventh version of the Festival of political song ( German : Festival des politischen Liedes ) organized by the Free German Youth (FDJ) in East Berlin , at the time of the German Democratic Republic . [ 2 ]

Among the Spanish-speaking interpreters on the album are the Chileans Inti-Illimani , the Spanish Grenada and Víctor Manuel , the Nicaraguan Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy and the Cubans from Grupo Manguaré .

Songs list

Side A [ 2 ]
N.º Title Music Interpreter Duration
1. «This is how we want to fight» («Por lo que queremos») Oktoberklub
2. «We shall see Dolores» («Veremos a Dolores») Victor Manuel [ 1 ] Spanish flag Victor Manuel
3. "Oktoberecho" ("October echo") Spanish flag Grenada
4. "Wiegenlied für den gorilla" ("Lullaby for the gorilla") Flag of Nicaragua Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy
5. «Der siebente musst du selbst sein» («The seventh you have to be yourself») Attila Jozsef
6. "I" Gruppe der Palästinischen Befreiungsorganisation ( Group of the Palestine Liberation Organization )
7. " Aktionseinheit " ("Unity of Action") Floh de Cologne
8. «Danke, Frelimo» («Gracias, Frelimo») Alliance Opererio Peasant
9. "From the suite" The gold and wheat ' " (" Suite de "El oro y el trigo" ») Carlos Paredes
10. "Song of Latin American Unity" Flag of Cuba Manguaré Group
11. «Vietnam Ho Chi Minh» Singing group Hanoi
12. "Der schrei des revolutionärs" ("The cry of revolutionaries") Al Mayadine
13. "Lied des roten gefangenen" ("Song of the Red Prisoners") Red thread
14. "Chile resistance" Sergio Ortega Chile's flag You-Illimani
15. "Der lange weg" ("The long road") Bots

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