7 songs - 7 Lieder

7 songs
Studio album by Hannes Wader



Label(s) Philips


Chanson / singer-songwriter

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  • Guitarist: Tom Cunnigham
  • Guitar: Werner Lämmerhirt
  • Dombec: Mohammad Tahmassebi


Knut Kiesewetter

I still wanted so much (1971) 7 songs The Pied Piper (1974)

7 Lieder is an album by the singer and songwriter Hannes Wader from 1972.

Origin / meaning

The album came out at a very difficult time for Wader. He moved to Hamburg in the early 1970s. For a while he left his apartment to the terrorist and member of the Red Army faction Gudrun Ensslin , who had posed as an NDR reporter named Hella Utesch. Then he hitchhiked around Europe and then went on tour with this album. The Baader Meinhof Group made his apartment their headquarters and experimented with explosives there. The prosecution investigated and Wader was arrested off the stage. His career seemed over. With their solidarity, his colleagues broke through the media boycott imposed on him and saved his appearances by threatening to boycott him. 7 songs turned into a well-selling album.

Track list

  1. Here today, there tomorrow - 2:59
  2. Boredom - 8:45
  3. So long already - 3:30
  4. Heading South - 5:33
  5. The Tanker King - 11:45
  6. Pipe in the wind - 3:05
  7. Cocaine - 5:22


On this album is the most famous track Waders Today here, tomorrow there . Talking blues is represented again with boredom . Wader's best known talking blues is Der Tankerkönig , which is also included on this album and is continued on the 1976 album Kleines Testament in Der Putsch . Wader works here with socially critical text collages. With the title Cocaine , Wader ironically looked at drug use. The song was inspired by the song Cocaine Blues , which in turn emerged from the Traditional Coco Blues (first recorded version by Blind Gary Davis ).

The album was practically the end of the joint work with Werner Lämmerhirt , who concentrated on his solo career. Only on the albums Es ist An der Zeit (1980) and Never Go Back (1991) he appeared again as a guest musician. Already so long is an adaptation of Alex Campbell Been on the road so long .