7 and a half steps - 7 pasos y medio

7 steps and a half is a film directed by Lalo García and premiered in 2009 at the Malaga Film Festival. Awarded with two Biznagas, it never premiered in commercial theaters.


Sail, have another life. It is Abel's dream. Luis, his friend from youth, abhors his family and professional environment. Fate has offered them very different lives. The same fate unites them over the years, and offers them in the form of a bet the opportunity to take a turn at the helm that radically changes their situation. Whether or not to take advantage of the occasion is in their hands, but it entails dangers that neither of them can foresee.


MÁLAGA FILM FESTIVAL 2009: Biznaga best original soundtrack to Joan Saura and Biznaga best supporting actor to Sancho Gracia.



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