7 peaks - 7 Picos

For the mountain, see Seven Peaks
7 peaks
Type Steel roller coaster
Park Madrid Amusement Park , Madrid , Community of Madrid , Spain
Location Machinery Zone
Designer Ing.-Büro Stengel GmbH
Maker Schwarzkopf
Opening May 15 , 1969
Closure September 13 , 2005
Duration 1:26
Length 460 m
Height 13,5 m
Maximum speed 60 km / h

7 Picos was a steel roller coaster in the Madrid Amusement Park ( Spain ). The then mayor of Madrid , Carlos Arias Navarro , inaugurated it in 1969 and it was dismantled on September 13 , 2005 . During its 36 years of operation, it received more than 77 million visits and became one of the most important attractions in the Madrid Amusement Park . It was 460 metersof travel and seven cars, which were raised to 13.5 meters. It rested on 82 vertical supports, had circular towers with a radius of 7.8 meters and all of it was made up of a 1,100- square-meter metal structure . It was a Wildcat 54m roller coaster and was built by Schwarzkopf . Its name comes from a popular Madrid mountain: Siete Picos . Currently, in its old location, there is another roller coaster called Abyss .

Some urban legends say that at first it was known by the name of "Los Picos". The name "7 Peaks" was given later, in the mid -1980s , as a unique Japanese couple said "yes, I do" in a very extravagant way: riding the ride. After the priest's "you can kiss the girlfriend" (sitting in the seats in front of the train), "7 peaks" were given, as the Japanese tradition dictates. [ citation required ]

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