7 x 7 - 7 x 7

7 x 7
Album of David Lebon
Publication 1986
Genders) Pop rock, Hard rock
Record label CBS
Producer (s) Lopez puppy
Chronology of David Lebón
If it's worth something (1985) 7 x 7 I can never reach you (1987)

7 x 7 is David Lebón's seventh album, released in 1986 by CBS. The album combines the pop rock of its time with hard rock touches, and the typical ballads of David.

7 x 7 was recorded by Lebón (voice and guitar) with Daniel Colombres (drums and percussion), Daniel Castro (bass and bass synthesizers) and Luis Gurevich (piano and keyboards). Hilda Lizarazu stands out among the guests in choirs. It was produced by the bassist of Los Abuelos de la Nada , Cachorro López .

The album is full of thanks, which even goes to " (Carlos) Bilardo and the boys, for contributing to the happiness of this album". 7 x 7 was recorded while the 1986 World Cup in Mexico was being played , in which the Argentine National Team , led by Diego Armando Maradona , would lift the Cup.

The songs on the plate include the hit "I can feel it", "Everything is hot", "I can't stop", "Thinking a perfume", "My face in the sand" and a powerful version of "Let go of rock and roll" (from his old group Polyphemus ).

List of topics

Side A
  1. I can feel it
  2. Everything is hot
  3. My face in the sand
  4. I can't stop
B side
  1. I want to give you my love
  2. Suéltate Rock and Roll
  3. Armor reflection
  4. Thinking of a perfume